Memorial Register, Belgium 125, The War Graves of The British Empire, Tyne Cot Cemetery, Passchendaele, Belgium Part Two M-Z

McCRACKEN Lee. Cpl. T. 30344. 2nd Bn. Royal Scots. 26th Sept. 1917. Age 36. Son of William and Margaret J. McCracken of Bally- derown Burnfoot Co. Donegal. LVI. B. 9. McCRUDDEN Ptc. J. 241284. 5th/6th Bn. The Cameronians (Sco. Rif.). Killed in acdon 26th Sept. 1917. Age 26. Son of John and Susan McCrudden of Co. Londonderry husband of Catherine McCrudden of 2307 South Bancroft St. Philadelphia U.S.A. XLIII. A. 4. McCRUM Cpl. A.W.E. 100036. 49th Bn. Canadian Inf. (Alberta Rcgt.). 30th Oct. 1917. Age 29. Son of James McCrum of Manitoba husband of Elizabeth M. McCrum of Edmonton, Alberta. XLIX. B. 9. McCUE Ptc. John 10059.“ B ”Coy. 2nd Bn. Border Rcgt. Died of wounds 24th Oct. 19x4. Age 21. Son of James and Ellen McCue of 50, Albert St. Townhead Glasgow. Native of Cockermouth Cumberland. LXV. H. 5. McCULLOCH Ptc. George 2846. 38th Bn. Australian Inf. Killed inaction 4th Oct. 1917. Age 35. Son of Joseph and Jane McCulloch. Native of Carisbrook Victoria Australia. XLV. A. 15. McCULLOCH Pte. J. 474175. 72nd Bn. Canadian Inf. (British Columbia Rcgt.). 30th Oct. 1917. XXXVII. F. 3. McDERMOTT Ptc. J. 2172. 3rd Bn. Royal Fusiliers. 15th April 1915. Zonnebeke British Cem. No. 2. Mem. 15. MCDONALD Pte. Alexander Cosmo 751. 38th Bn. Australian Inf. Killed inaction 13th Oct. 1917. Age 27. Son of Allan and Jessie McDonald of Pine Plains Culgoa Victoria, Australia. Native of Charlton Victoria. XXXV. G. 9. MACDONALD Ptc. Edgar Ernest 201219.“ C ”Coy. 52nd Bn. Canadian Inf. (Manitoba Rcgt.). 14th Nov. 1917. Age 19. Son of George L.and Nettie Macdonald of 102, Withrow Avenue Toronto. XXXIX. F. 24. MCDONALD Rfn. Frederick S/18164. 2nd Bn. The Rifle Brigade. Killed in acuon 19th Nov., 1917. Age 26. Plusband of Esther McDonald, of 72 Fitzalan St. Kcnnington Rd. Lambeth, London. XXXVII. C. 10. McDONALD Ptc. Gordon Murray Stewart INDEX No.B. 12539279. 3rd Bn. Otago Rcgt. N.Z.E.F. Killed TYNE COT CEM. inaction at Passchcndaele Ridge 4di Oct. 1917. PASSCHEN- Age2i. Son of the late Coll and Janet McDonald. DAELE Native of Otago. XXXI. E. 15. PART TWO M-Z McDONALD Ptc. Hector 3199. 38th Bn. Australian Inf. Killed inaction 13th ''1917. Oct. Age 26. Son of John and Isabella McDonald of Lonfern North Hamilton Victoria Australia. Native of Hotspur Victoria. XXXV. J. 3. McDONALD Rfn. Hugh 16744. 13th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles. Killed inaction 16th Aug. 1917. Age 23. Son of George Francis and Margrct McDonald of Gallows St. Dromorc Co. Down. III. D. 9. MACDONALD Ptc. H. B. 376601. 13th Bn. Royal Scots. 22nd Aug. 1917. Age 23. Son of Mr. A. Macdonald of 385 Eglinton St. Glasgow. LIII. B. 10. McDONALD Ptc. J. 305241. ist/8th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers. 6th Sept. 1917. VIII. G. 13. MacDONALD Lee. Cpl. J. A. 435428. 14th Coy. Canadian Machine Gun Corps. 9th Nov. 1917. XL. C. 13. McDONALD Lee. Cpl. M. 265707. 6th Bn. Gordon Highlanders. 23rd Sept. 1917. F.IX. 18. McDONALD Pte. W„ 86213. 48th Bn Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 9th Oct. 1917. Age 23. Son of Mrs. Mary Ewing of 332 Hardgatc Aberdeen husband of Eliza Copland McDonald of 14 Bonaccord Lane Aberdeen. LII. B. 7. McDONOUGH Ptc. Percy Samuel 5874. 25th Bn. Australian Inf. Killed inaction 4th Oct. 1917. Age 26. Son of John and Kate McDonough of Bunda St. Cairns Queensland. Native of Ravenswood Queensland. XXII. G. 7. MacDORMAN Ptc. E. Allison 911498. 46th Bn. Canadian Inf. (Saskatchewan Rcgt.). Killed inaction 26th Oct. 1917. Age 22. Son of Jennie Hall (formerly MacDorinan) of Onslow Nova Scotia and die late Isaac F. MacDorman. Native of Great Village Nova Scotia. XXXVII. A. 20. I IO
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The document titled Memorial Register, Belgium 125, The War Graves of The British Empire, Tyne Cot Cemetery, Passchendaele, Belgium Part Two M-Z is beneath this layer.

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