Memorial Register, Africa, The War Graves of The British Empire, Names of those Buried or Commemorated in the Gold Coast and in French Togoland

THE GOLD COAST. UNDER this name and administration are included the Gold Coast Colony, Ashanti the Protected Northern Territories and the British Mandated Territory o f Togoland. The British Colony began with a trading settlement in 1553 Portuguese Dutch Brandenburgers Swedes and Danes settled earlier or later in other parts o f the Gold Coast but the last foreign settlements the Danish and the Dutch were acquired by Great Britain in 1850 and 1871 respectively. Ashanti was annexed in 1901. The constitution o f the Northern Territories was settled in 1897 and 1901. The German colony o f Togoland was surrendered to Anglo-French forces in August 1914 and mandated to Great Britain and France in July 1922. THE REGISTERS OF THE GRAVES CHRISTIANS BORG CEMETERY ACCRA, in the Eastern Province of the Colony adjoins the Scottish Mission Cemetery. It contains one British War Grave and that of a German interned civilian (B.144). The cemetery is Government property. The fort of Christians- borg was built by the Swedes (or captured by them from the Portuguese) about 1645 and taken by the Danes in 1657. RANDALL Lt. S. D.C.M. M.M. The Buffs, attd. Gold Coast Regt. Mentioned in Des­ patches. 31st Dec. 1918.12.15.179. GAMBAGA EUROPEAN CEMETERY in the Northern Territories is 25 yards East of the motor road running South from Gambaga. WHEELER Capt. Henry Thornton Camden. 3rd Bn. The King's Liverpool Regt. attd. Gold Coast Regt. Died of yellow fever 30th Oct. 1916. Age 42. Son of Luke and Alargaret Elizabeth Wheeler husband of Mabel "Wheeler ”of" Ardentallan Upper Sea Rd., Bexhill-on-Sea. Born at Torquay Devon. KUMASI EUROPEAN CEMETERY in the Eastern Province of Ashanti is near the corner of Bantama Road and Stewart Avenue. It belongs to the Government. HUNTRISS Lt. William. 9th Bn. Duke of Wellingtons Regt. attd. Gold Coast Regt. Died of pneumonia 23rd Oct. 1918. Age 32. Son of William and Charlotte Elizabeth Huntriss ”of "Springfield Newby Scar­borough. 17. KING-MASON Capt. S. D. Royal Field Artillery attd. Gold Coast Regt. 10th June, 1920.20. LEEDER Bandmaster 1st Cl. C.T. RMB/18. Royal Marine Band attd. Gold Coast Regt. Royal West African Frontier Force. 20th Jan. 1917.24. MAYER Lt. Frederick Percy Fry. Gold Coast Regt. Died of sickness30th April 1917. Age40. Son of Alfred Hill Mayer and Emily Mayer, of Clifton Bristol. 25. THOMSON CIr. Serjt. A. J „265201 D.C.M. Gordon Highlanders attd. Gold Coast iRegt. gtli) Oct. 1918.20. WILLIAMS 2nd Lt. H. Royal Welch Fusiliers attd. Gold Coast Regt. 21st Feb., I9I7- 23.7
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The document titled Memorial Register, Africa, The War Graves of The British Empire, Names of those Buried or Commemorated in the Gold Coast and in French Togoland is beneath this layer.

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