WWII 1944 Report of Escaped P.O.W Reverend Alan Maitland FAIRWEATHER

UPORT BY UV ALAB 11 rA.D.W!A'filEll ESCAPED P.O.V 1944- )AY pmBS -17 AUGUST 1800 hrs. Yalked into Jerry patrol (8 men wi~h 1 Spandau) using hedges .for cover which at once withdraw 1 km to small village. HQ and Sgt in charge. nce'the Th whole company retired about 5 miles east. ambling very slowly, covering about 1.5 miles per hour with 8 yards between men taking cover from every plane. EverY ccu:t on the road W8 smothered with f0111age. About 60 men collected in next position and all fed on sweet near-porridge. They were very tired most had no socks using cloth round their feet. Two sang on the way back "La guerre finis allemandes partis". Several remarked "Deutechland caput". An N.e.O. said their food comprised of stew (the one substantial meal per 24 hO\4rs) bread butter sausage cheese and coffee (ersaez). At 2300 washou'ts taken by car to poorly equiped A.D.S. and spent night there. Fair amount of traffic all covered with folliage. ftIDAY' - 18TH AUGUST 0600hrs.' Walked 3 miles to (Ragt.) H.Q. then by car 15 miles toN.E. Div. H. Q. Questioned at 1000hrs for 30 min. by two Intelligence officers. Main interest to find out (1) Our casualties (2) location of Canadian"forces (3) whether we were prepared for gas (4) attitude of French towards us. They had read our A.B.e.A. pamphlets and 1cn&w we had sa-essed correct: behaviour in liberated territory. They were curiously keen to discover to what Bde. I was attached. At 1400hrs was taken for 40 min interview with Div. C~mmander. He was a Junker and very frightened. His main concern was as to what we'would do to prevent the Russians destroying everything of ·.ralue in cultured Germany. It ilTas the du1:y of Christians in Britain to see to t:his. He held cOlltradictarly that the churches must never door say anything in politics claiming chat religion in Germany was unmolested as long as it observed th:LS rule. He showed an apparently sincere belief in inferior l:aces (including Cz~choslavakia) and argued that it was right to exterminate the Jews. Th~ Germans looked at everyching first and destroyed 'r what was b~d. He then ~~gueci that there would have been no war if Poland had given Germany a co~id9r ac~oss their corridor so that Germans would not have to open 'their ~uit~es on the way to E.Prussia and vehemently blamed us for taking Poland's side. The tacit assumption of Germany's right to do as 'she wanted:lay behind 'everything he said. He wondered why we always opposed GermanYt~ being a related people. His idea of co~o~eration is 'that we should have the Navy and Germany the Army nothing could stand agains-t it. He believed. Germany could hold on and win the war, it was his du~ to bel~~v~,so. At: 19{)Ohrs joined Sgt HUnter. Ptes Ruehorn and Harvey and six Gordens. At 2000hrs left in ru~k 'smal~·':t ~th guards after having photos taken. Ye covered the same: str~h o~ main road running due South to Lisieux 5 times, .evidently an attempe'· to' avoid traffic j as. Finally went through L1sieux, and then 5 miles 'Nit to a cowshed arriving at 0230hrs.
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