The Great War, I was there - Part 5

Part 6 of THE GREAT WAR: I WAS THERE!On Sale Everywhere Next Tuesday Leaves from the Editor’s Note (Continued from page ii of this wrapper) Falklands. In these three stories we have an example of the catholicity of our work which I commented on in an earlier Part. It cannot be claimed that the admiral’s story is better than the signalman’s, but it is true that, private or general, sailor or admiral, these eye-witness stories do possess the highest human qualities in their writing. |%UR illustrations have already been commented on in this Note-Book, but I think it worth remarking that, know­ing the difficulties which I anticipated and inexperienced the early stages of this work, I am myself surprised and gratified at the number of really excellent photographs we have been able to publish in these first five Parts. It has long been thought, and accepted almost as an article of faith, that actual War photographs taken in France in 1914 and 1915 were almost non-existent— that the soldiers did not carry cameras with them, and that if they did so they were too busy fighting to use them. However, with the aid of our energetic friends at the Imperial War Museum, and by per- s stent research into the obscure comers of 24 years back, we have, as my readers will certainly agree, got together a really remarkable collection of genuine War photographs which have not appeared in our earlier work World War, 1914-1918, and in many cases have not before been printed anywhere. His, of course, is in addition to the scores of new photo­graphs of war scenes in France and Flanders as they are today which we also present in our pages, the fruit of several expeditions to the War fronts. And now, less some lynx-eyed reader picks me up and declares that there is to be found in Part 4 of this work a photograph which did appear in my last War Book,let me say that this exception was made deliberately. The very striking picture which we have repro­duced as a special duotone art plate in page 138, did appear as a small block at the bottom of a page in my earlier work. We have since theh obtained detailed information about the subject, and it was decided that such an interesting photo­graph should be presented inadequately my new publication. Similarly, an astonishingly dramatic and genuinely unique photograph of the sinking of the German warship, the Blucher, at the battle of the Dogger Bank, cannot be omitted from our chapter on that historic naval dog-fight since nothing else exists. But the principle of non-repetition in my new work remains, and will be most carefully applied. |To Make Sure of Getting Your Copy Give Your Newsagent a FIRM ORDER FOR THE COMPLETE SERIES N Part 6 of The Great War: I Was There! Will Contain: SECTION VI. FIRST BATTLE OF YPRES THE DAY THE WAR WAS NEARLY LOST (contd.) Private H. J . Polley FRENCH'S WORST H A LF-H OUR -The Worcesters Saved the Day at Gheluvelt Capt. H.F itzM .St a eke, M.C. I SAW THE TRAGEDY OF CORONEL J. D. Stephenson, H.M.S. Glasgow BLOODBATH OF LONDON SCOTS Private Herbert de Hamel NEW LIGHT ON THE EMDEN Signalman's Story of a Famous Sea Fight Lewis R. Freeman THE STARK HORROR OF SANCTUARY WOOD CpI. John F .Lucy REVENGE! I Saw V© N SPEE meet His Doom: Battle of the Falkland islands Rear-Adm iral the Hon. Barry Bingham, V.C., H.M .S. Invincible STRIKING Double-Page PHOTO :REMNANTS of the LONDON SCOTTISH after the BATTLE OF MESSINES (Wytschaete), October 191457 Illustrations Including Many New and Unpublished Photographs of Scenes of the First Baffle of Ypres and the last Days of the First Year EIGHT ART PAGES IN DUOTONE
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