Memorial Register, Portsmouth, Part Four G - N, 1916

On the 25th March an unsuccessful raid supported by the Harwich Force and the Battle Cruiser Fleet was made with seaplanes on the German Zeppelin base in Schleswig. On the 25th April Lowestoft and Yarmouth were bombarded by a German battle cruiser squadron. Two hundred houses were wrecked in Lowestoft but with small loss of life and Yarmouth was barely damaged. British light cruisers and destroyers engaged the enemy and the light cruiser “Conquest ”was hit. Later in the year Seaham was shelled by a submarine (nth July). The battleship “Russell ”was sunk by amine off Malta on the 27th April. Of the ranks and ratings who perished in this disaster the names of 13 appear on the Portsmouth Memorial. On the 5th June the cruiser “Hampshire” was sunk by amine off the Orkneys. The names of 601 ranks and ratings from this vessel 518 of whom belonged to the Port of Portsmouth appear on the Naval Memorials and the names of Lord Kitchener and his staff who were on their way to Russia appear on the Memorial at Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton. A “pacific blockade ”of Greece was begun by the Allied Powers on the 6th June and suspended on the 22nd. The intention was to compel the Greek Government to observe an impartial neutrality. It was carried further by the seizure on the 2nd September of the German ships in the Piraeus harbour by the blockade of Greek Macedonia begun on the 19th September by the demand presented on the 10th October for the surrender of the Greek Fleet and by the measures taken in November and December which culminated, six months later in the abdication of King Constantine and the accession of Greece to the Allied Powers. The naval and military operations against the coast of German East Africa were marked by the occupation of Tanga on the 7th July the capture of Bagamoyo by landing parties on the 15th August the surrender of Dares Salaam on the 4th September and the occupation of Kilwa on the 7th and Lindi on the 16th September. On the 19th August the light cruisers“ Falmouth” and “Nottingham” were sunk by a submarine in the North Sea during a sortie of the High Seas Fleet. The names of 48 ranks and ratings appear on the three Naval Memorials as killed or drowned in this disaster. On the 26th October the destroyer “Flirt ”and one trawler and six drifters were sunk by German destroyers in the Straits of Dover. The names of 104 ranks and ratings who fell in this action appear on the three Naval Memorials. Three hospital ships were lost in the autumn with considerable loss of life“ Galeka ”by mine off Le Havre on the 28th October “Britannic ”by mine in the ALgean on the 21st November and“ Braemar Castle ”probably by mine in the Aigean on the 23rd November. 357
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