The Great War, I was there - Part 2

Part 3 of THE GREAT WAR :/WAS THERE!On Sale Everywhere Next Thursday Leaves from the Editor’s Note-Book (Continued from page i i o f this wrap per )War: I Was There !is essentially a book to read, as well as a collection of the most astonishingly fresh picturings of the War that has ever been submitted to the British public. "J"HANKS to personal visits to France and much investi­gation of untouched sources, I am in a position to offer my readers numerous hitherto unpublished pictures of the War and many hundreds of entirely new photographs which have been taken by my camera assistants within the last few months. Despite the fact that in my World War I published no fewer than 2,500 war photographs of all kinds, 1 can assert that as many more new or hitherto un­published in that work will appear in our pages, and indeed I shall be disappointed if by misadventure any photograph that was printed in World War is repeated in this work, for it is my hope that all whoso loyally supported World War and made it by far the most successful publication of its kind, may bear me company again in this new serial.| n going through several of the chapters which 1 have been preparing for this and succeeding numbers, I have been reminded of a dear old lady who wrote tome 24 years ago when I was editing The War Illustrated, who protested as vigorously as any old lady could against the word “Hun ever being applied to the Germans. Indeed she threatened to cancel her subscription to War Illustrated if I did not give instructions to my writers to avoid the use of the word, which she thought very offensive to the dear Germans who were then trying to destroy British civilization. I wrote to my correspondent— she lived at Bath or Cheltenham or one of those places where dear old ladies seem to congregate— and told her that as there was incontestable evidence that the Kaiser had himself incited his German troops to slaughter the Chinese (in the Boxer Rising, when the Germans lent a hand) as ruthlessly as the Huns of old had slaughtered, those who preferred to liken the aggressive Germans of 1914 to the Huns had the warranty of their “All Highest.” I HAVE therefore— as I see no occasion why we should be mealy-mouthed in these matters— allowed all references to Huns in our chapters to stand, as indeed, I have no right to alter them since it is my business in this publication to present what others have written in the words they have used, for which I cannot be expected to accept responsibility. ORDER PART 3 NOW— IT WILL CONTAIN: MORE THRILLING STORIES of 1914 THE WAR AS SEEN BY THE MEN WHO FOUGHT WRITTEN BY THE MEN WHO WERE THERE! SECTION III (contd.). MONS: THE FIGHTING RETREAT EPIC STORY OF ST. QUENTIN How Tom Bridges Saved Two Regiments Lt.-Col. Osburn, D.S.O. TOY DRUM AND TIN WHISTLE L t.-Gen. Sir Tom Bridges, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., D.S.O. THEY WERE GOING TO SHOOT ME !Paul Maze, M.M., D.C.M. SLEEPWALKERS' OF THE GREAT RETREAT Corpora/ T.B. Denore THE ENDING DAYS: Red Reaping and TapeRed Capt. E. J. Needham HELIGOLAND BIGHT: A Stoker's Saga by “Clinker Knocker” IMMORTAL STORY OF L' BATTERY Gunner Darbyshire SECTION IV. THE MARNE AND THE AISNE LOCUSTS OF STEEL' Emotional Entries from the Diary of a Casualty Hon. Aubrey Herbert THE DAY WE FORCED THE MARNE A .Martin,A. M.C. AMAZING Double-Page PHOTO :THE SINKING of the *MAINZ3 in the Battle of Heligoland Bight 48 Illustrations Including Many New and Unpublished Photographs of Scenes of the Great Retreat and the Advance to the Marne EIGHT ART PAGES IN DUOTONE Printed in England and published every Thursday by the Proprietors, The A glam a mated P hess ,Ltd ..The Fleetway House, 1 ’arringdon Street. London, L.C.4. Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :Messrs. Gordon and Gotch, Ltd. and for South Africa :Central News Agency, Ltd! Subscription Rates :Inland and Abroad, u d .per copy. October 6th, 1938. gv
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