The Morning Post, June 21st 1919

J f W T O T 1EACE U . ' a • eeni * contribution cither to yonr Vicar or Minister, or to the JOED M AYOR, Mansion Honse. EC . 4. Bankers: BANK OF ENGL AND. CITY OF LONDON MATERNITY HOSPITAL (Formerly “ Lying-m " Hospital), CITY-ROAD, E.C. 1. ^.VE CHILD LIFE. AND SO H ELP TO PROVIDE THE MEN AND WOMEN OF TO-MORROW. LEGACIES, ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS, UND DONATIONS SERIOUSLY NEEDED R ALPH B. CANNINGS. Secretary. WIGMORE HALL. TO-DAY, at 3.15. AROLD SAMUEL. O NLY RECITAL THIS SEASON. BACH RECITAL. Pieyel Pianoforte. 11s. 6d., 5s. 9d., 2s. 4d. ----IP ASHBROOKE, 20, Old Cavendish-street, W. 1 Telephone, Mayfair 2,070. ________ JEOLIAN H ALL.-M O N NEXT, at 3. SONGS and CHAMBER MUSIC. GLADYS MOGER-. JOHN IRELAND. C YR IL RXXJTHAM. TH E ALLIED STRING QUARTET. Chappell Pianoforte. 11s. 6d., 5s. 9d., 2s. 4d. HILTP ASHBROOKE, 20, Old Cavendish-street, W. 1. WIGMORE HALL. MON , JUNE 30, at 3.15, SONG RECITAL. W ALTER JOHNSTONE-DOUGLAS. A t t-he Piano—Mr. GEORGE REEVES. Sleinway Pianoforte. 12s., 5s. 9d., 2s. 4d- EPHLLTP ASHBROOKE, 20. Old Cavendish-street. Mayfair 2,070. iCOLlAN HALL. ‘ L.S.Q, p o p 103rd “ POP ” CONCERT. TO-DAY, at 3.15. Qnartet B Flat Op. 64. No. 3 ----Haydn. ( Nocturne C Minor... \ Piano Solos-j Eludes in E flat VChopin. ( and A mi ........... J IRENE SCHARRER. Suite for String Quartet, " Peter Pan ” H. Walford Davies. Pianoforte Quintet F mi., Op. 34..Brahms. IRENE SCHARRER (CbappeD Piano), fid., 5s. 9d., 3s. (Doors only Is. 3d.), at Hall, Aff rfcs, and Ch. Philpott, 25, Tavistock-cres.. W. 11 Mg-na-get)._________________ ¦ _______________ - ROYAL ALBERT HALL. SPECIAL SUNDAY CONCERTS. ! (Director—Mr. LIONEL POWELL.) TO MORROW (SUNDAY), at 3 o'clock. Miss ! A ILEEN DORME. uX On account of the Enormous Success, Special Engagement of Mr. ,^pOM BURKE. i By permission of the Grand Opera Syndicate. Special Re-engagement of the Famous Polish Violinist, Mr. BRONISLAW H I BERMAN. ^ „ «. A t the Piano, Signor DI VEROLI. T*c*>ts. including tax : Reserved Boxes. 46s.. 9d.; Stalls, 8s. 6d., 5s. 9d.; Arena,. 5s. 9d., nc. Unreserred : Balcony, 3s. 6d.; Orchestra, 3s.; j.u er Is. 3d. Admission free. Tickets from Royal Hall all ticket agencies, and of M; LIONEL POWELL. 44. Regent-street, W. 1.___ “ FOUR ” CONCERT, at the QUEEN’S H ALL, Sole Lessees—Chappell and Co., Ltd. TO-DAY, at 3. n H Y MOULTON. OLD IT A L IA N and MODERN FRENCH SONGS. G ERVASE ELWES. “ A D E LA ID E ” (BEETHOVEN) and ENGLISH SONGS. H i l d a s a x e . SOLOS bv MOUSSORGSKY, BRAHMS, and SONATINAS bv SCHUBERT, with ALBERT SAMMONS. A LBFRT SAMMONS. SOLOS b 'v OS bv BRAHMS nd MOZART, and SO* SCHUBERT, with H ILD A SAX o. Tickets, 12s., 5s. 9d., 3s., Is DIRECTION, 175, Piccadilly SONATINAS by T HE CHILDREN’S JEW EL FUND. In AID of CHILD W ELFARE. GRAND M E L B A C O N C E R T at 10. DOWNING-STREET. bv kind invitation of The FRTME M INISTER and Mrs. LLOYD GEORGE, i-n THURSDAY, JUNE 26th, at 4 p.m. Dame NELLIE MELBA will be assisted by M. JEAN VALLIER. M. MAQUENAT, Miss MARGARET COOPER, and M. HUBERMAN. During the afternoon an HISTORICAL ALBUM will be auctioned containing in an exquisite antique French binding signed photographs of most of the great celebrities of the World War. Ticker*, price 3gs., from Mrs. Lloyd George, 10, Down in :.; street, S.W. 1. and the Secretary, 27a, Caven- di.*h-«, W . 1, and Messrs. Keith, Prowse, and Co., Ltd.. at all bra nches.___________ ___________________ -EOLIa N HALL. WEDNESDAY, June 25th, at 3.15 p.m. L ANDON RONALD’S RECITAL of his own songs. Kindly assisted by Miss ROSINA BUCKMAN, Mr. W ALTER HYDE. Soio Pianoforte, Miss IRENE SCHARRER. A t the Piano-LANDON RONALD. Prior?, 8s. 6d., 5s. 9d. (reserved), 3s. (unreserved) (including tax), at the Hall; Messrs. ENOCH and SONS, 5ft. Great Marlborough-street, and usual Agents. ~ STEINW AY HALL. S IVORI LEVEY. S P tX lA L RECITAL of POEMS spoken to Music, self-accompanied at the Pianoforte. Representative Poems by Rupert Brooke; Rudyard Kipling; Henry Newbolt; Alfred Noves; Robert Service, &c. TO-NIGUi (SATURDAY), at 8.15. Tiv.koU, 3s., at Box-office, Steinway Hall. STEIN W AY HALL. TO-DAY, at three. H AR R IE T KENDALL, DRAM ATIC RECITAL. CLASSIC. MODERN, HUMOROUS SELECTIONS. M USICAL RECITATIONS. 8s. 5s. 9d., 3s. 6<L, 2s. 4d., at Hall. J^HAPIRO. CONDUCTOR 12s., 8s. 6d., 5s. 9d (res). 3s. 6d., 2s 4d. (unres.), at the Box-office, Queen’s Hall, all ticket offices, or E. A MICHELL, 7a, Piccadilly-mansions, W. 1. JEOLIAN HALL. s IL V IA PARISOTTL gIL V IA PARISOTTr SONG RECITAL, MON . June 30, at 3.15. Assisted by GEORGES PITSCH. A t the Piano: LEOPOLD ASHTON. 13s., 5s 9d. (Tes.). 3s. (unres.). E. A. M ICHELL 7a, Piccadilly-mansions. W. 1. ” ‘ WIGMORE HALL. A n n e t h u r s f i e l d . SONG RECITAL, MON., June 30th, at 8.15. A n n e t h u r s f i e l d . FOLK SONGS OF TEN COUN­ TRIES IN SEVEN LAN- GUAGES (including Negro- Spirituals) and Groups of MODERN ENGLISH and FRENCH SONGS. At the Piano—DAISY BUCKTROUT. 12s.. 5s. 9d. (res.), 2s. 4d. (unres.). E. A. MICHELL. 7a, Piccadilly-mansions. W. 1. Miss u®OLlAN HALL. ~ r t E U A COOPER SONG and and Miss PIAN O RECITAL. HILTON G RIFFIN. TUES., July 1st, at 3.15. i 12s., 5s. 9d. (res.), 2s. 4d. (unres.). E. A. MICHELL, 7a, Piccadilly-mansione, W. 1. STEINW AY HALL. IRENE TTK>STER SALMON D. ! : SONG RECITAL, TUESDAY NEXT, at 8.30. A t the Piano—Mr. F. B. KIDDLE. Tickets, inc. tax, 8s. 6d., 5s. 9d., 2s. 4d., at Box-office. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. • ¦ ¦ — * ¦ ¦ » — — - — ¦ — - - - - - - — - - - - - - - -. . . . . . . . . . . . . . B OOSEY and CO.’S SONGS May be Sung Free of Fee or Licence The Following Songs will be Sung This Week-end and During the Next Week. Wilfrid Sanderson’s New Song ^ T H E R E THE GREAT SHIPS RID E; will be sung Miss Phyllis Lertt, Miss Edith Furmedge, Miss Zoe Corner, Madame Bessie Grant, Miss Agnes Royston, M iss Marion Ruth, Mr. Walter Kingsley, and Mr. Charles Hawthorne. L T Wilfrid Sanderson's New Song OVE’S HESITATION; will be sung by Miss Megan Foster, Miss Doris Cowan, Mis? Margarite De&talia, Muss Rosalie Mable, Miss Winifred Gawthorne. Miss Grace Gordon, Miss Agnes Rayson, and Mies Gladys Thomas. Wilfrid Sanderson’s New Song HE ROSE OF PERFECT LOVE; will be sung by Mr. Herbert Gave. Mr. Philip Ritte, Mr. Ernest Pitt, Mr. Murray Ashford, Mr. Ernest Penfold, Miss Sybil Elliott, Miss Marion Ruth, Miss Belle Bennett, Miss Winifred Gawthorne, Mr. David Evans, Mr. G. Ceci, Mr. Richard Ripley, Mr. Lloyd Huws. Mr. Jesse Hackett, Mr. George Benson, Mr. Frederick Ealham, and Mr. Thorne Denison. rp H E Wilfrid Sandersons New Song COMPANY SERGEANT-MAJOR; will be sung by Mr. Topliss Green, Mr. Wilfrid Essex, Mr. Harry Long, Mr. Edward Symes, Mr. Thorne Denison, and Mr. Charles Hawthorne. Wilfrid Sanderson’s New Song J^/£ARLAMNE; will be sung Mr. Herbert Cave, Mr. George Benson, and Mr, Murray Ashford. TH E W. H. Squire’s New Song TOAST; will be sung by Mr. Charles Till, Mr. Bernard Knowles, Mr. David Evans. and John Ireland’s Popular Song J J O P E THE HORNBLOWER; will be sung Popu ER; by Mr. Mischa-Leon. C. Alison-Crompton’s New Song A UTUM N; will be sung by Miss Flora Woodman. Arthur M. Goodhart’s New Song A F A IR Y W ENT A-M ARKETING; will be sung A by Miss Megan Foster and Miss Zoe Corner. A Kennedy-Russell’s New Song S YOU PASS B Y ; will be sung by Mr. Herbert Cave, Mr. Philip Ritte, Mr. Ernest Pitt, Mr. Jesse Hackett, Miss Edith Furmedge, Miss Winifred Gawthorne, Mr. Douglas Gran­ ville, Mr. Richard Ripley, Mr. Murray Ashford, Mr reredig I l M M H David Evans, Miss Marion Ruth, Mr. Wilfrid Mr. Ernest Penfold Ceredig Walters, Mr. Essex. Mr. Ivor Warren, Mr. George Benson, Mr. St. John Long, Miss Belle Bennett, Miss Olive Jenkins, Mr. Arthur Jay, Mr. Charles Till, Mr. Frederick Ealham, Mr. Harry Kemp, and Mr. Bernard Knowles. Sylvia Mortlake’s New Song J OHN OF DEVON; will be sung by - Mr. Ivor Foster, Mr. Bernard Knowles, Mr. Charles Till, Mr. Edward Beaumont, Mr. Harry Welchman, Mr. James Saker, Mr. Charles Haw­ thorne, Mr. Harry Kemp, and Mr. Fred Gregory. Francis Dorel’s New Song I F I CALLED YOU BACK SOMEDAY; will be sung by Mr. Herbert Cave, Mr. Philip Ritte, Mr. Jesse Hackett, Miss Zoe Corner, Miss Winiired Gaw­ thorne, Mr. George Benson, Mr. St. Jojin Long, Mr. Douglas Granville, Mr. Frederick Ealham, and Mr. Wilfrid Essex. O Douglas Grant’s New Song LD B A R T Y ; will be sung by Mr. Topliss Green, Mr. Arthur P. Brown, Mr, Edward Beaumont, Mr. James Saker, Mr Charles Hawthorne, Mr. Harry Welchman, Mr. Fred Gregory, Mr. Harry Kemp, and Mr. W il­ frid Essex. T Frederick Keel’s New Song Cycle. REE SALTW ATER BALLAD S; will be sun by Mr. Topliss Green, Mr. Charles Hawthorne, and Mr. Arthur P. Brown. ------w „ lif voi < STIrarHo ' a i\ c or# r * i TION and ARTISTIC TEMPERAMENT. .. D A ILY STAR. CLEON'S voice stood unclothed in SYM M ETRICAL BEAUTY. The bass extends deeper than any tenor heard here in vears, and from the lowest note to the highest the timbre preserved without speck or flaw, a - Q U ALITY W HICH IS ABOVE A LL HUMAN.*’ TORONTO D AILY NEWS. ‘ MISCHA-LEON’S singing was a CLIM AX of DRAM ATIC ACHIEVEM ENT and MUSICAL IN TE N SITY.” MONTREAL SUNDAY HERALD. “ MISCHA-LEON sang with his ADMIRABLE FEELING, DRAM ATIC INTELLIGENCE, and O R IG IN A LITY of interpretation.” M INNEAPOLIS JOURNAL. “ MISCHA-LEON, marvellous versatility of his talent—MASTERY OF STYLE—unlimited scope P i of the singer, and a GLORIOUS TENOR of EXCEPTION. NILSSON. A L RANGE.” - Dr. VICTOR M INNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE. " MISCHA-LEON -an AM AZING LY BEAUTI­ FUL VOICE, vibrant with emotion, very power­ ful, and a .s beautiful in the lower register as in the upper.” M USICAL AMERICA. “ The amazing power and RARE BEAUTY of MISCHA-LEON’S voice and the authority and finesse of his musicianship won him salvoes of applause.” CLEVELAND LEADER. “ MISCHA-LEON’S voice is H EAVENLY TN ITS DELICACY and SUBLIME in its aloofness from things mundane.” MISCHA-LEON, EXTRA RECITAL. JEOLIAN HALL. THURSDAY NEXT, AT 5.30. IBBS and TILLETT, 19, Hanover-sq.. W. WIGMORE HALL, THURS. NEXT, at~873d? P ETER UPCHER, CONCERT of his own compositions. Assisted by Mmes. PH YLLIS LETT, VIO LA TREE, D’AUVERGNE UPCHER, and Mr. HUBERT EISDELL. The LOTUS LADIES’ ORCHESTRA. Conducted by Mrs. DOUGLAS HOARE. Tickets, 24s., 12s., 5s. 9d., and 3s. IBBS and TILLETT, 19. Hanover-sq. 4,156 Mayfair. WIGMOR E H ALL7FRID A Y NEXT^ at 3.15. *&Ib & n P H YLLIS ARCHIBALD and Miss SONG and PIANOFORTE RECITAL. M a r g a r e t c o l l i n s . A t the Piano—AYLM E R BUESST. Chappell Piano. Tickets, 8s. 6d., 5s. 9d., and 3s. IBBS and TILLETT, 19. Hanover-sq. 4,156 Mayfair. WIGMORE H ALL, FR ID A Y NEXT, at 8.15. C EDRIC SHARPE. VIOLONCELLO RECITAL. Assisted by W ILLIA M MURDOCH. riE D R IC SHARPE. VJ At the Piano—M ARGARET CHISHOLM. Tickets, 8s. 6d., 5s. 9d., and 3s. IBBS and TILLETT, 19. Hanover-sq. 4,156 Mayfair. ^ o l i a n h a l l T T h e lm a d a v ie s . SECOND PIANOFORTE RECITAL. FR ID AY NEXT, at 8.15. T h e lm a d a v ie s . Weber Piano. Tickets, 8s. 6d., 5s. 9d., 2s. 4d. IBBS and TILLETT, 19, Hanover-sq. 4,156 Mavfair. TX7EBER CONCERT GRAND ? ? W ILL BE USED at-* ABOVE RECITAL. QUEEN’S“1IA LU M. Sole Lessees—Chappell and Co., Ltd. ^JO ISEIW ITSCH. jy/£OISEIWITSCH. OISEIWITSCH. M jy£O ISEIW ITSCH CHOPIN RECITAL, SATURDAY AFTERNOON NEXT, at 3. LAST APPEARANCE THIS SEASON. THE TWO SONATAS. THE TW ENTY-FOUR PRELUDES. BOOSEY and CO*, London, N«w York, and Toronto. THE FOUR BALLADES. Chappell Piano. Tickets, 12s., 5s. 9d., 3s., 2s. 4d. IBBS and TILLETT. 19, Hanover-sq. 4,156 Mayfair. JEOLIAN HALL.-M iss “ ¦ " V f ARGARET COOPER. JU LY 2, at 8.15. Assisted by Mr. GERVASE ELWES. A t the Piano-Mr. F. B. KIDDLE. Tickets, 12s., 5s. 9d., and 3s. I BBS and TILLETT, 19, Hanover-sq., W. 4,156 Mayfair. Q U E E N S H A L L ~ (Sole Lessees, Chappell and Co., Ltd.). SUNDAYS, June 22, 29, at eleven a.m. S IR ARTH U R CONAN DOYLE, M.D., LL.D., will Deliver an ADDRESS on D e a t h a n d t h e h e r e a f t e r . Proceeds to be handed over to the London Spiritual Alliance. Chairmen for the two addresses : Lord Glenconner, June 22; Lord Molesworth. June 29. Tickets: Reserved, 5s.. 3s.; Unreserved, 2s., Is., at usual Agents’, Queen’s Hall Box-office (’Phone, Mayfair 2,824), and Chappell and Co., Ltd., 50, New Bond-street, W. rp H E SCHOOL of VfOLONCELLO; X 10. NOTTINGHAM-PIJACE, W. 1. Under the direction of HERBERT W ALENN, Fellow and Professor of the Royal Academy of Music. 8tudents can enter at any time. Prospectus on application to the Secretary. T^tHlLDREN’S SINGING —Mr. JAMES BATES, Lec- vy turer on Voice Culture and Class Singing at the Royal Academy of Music, gives advice to teachers and parents; also lessons to children.—Address London College for Choristers, W. 2. M R. H AR R Y IV IM E Y in his HUMOROUS ENTER­ TAINM ENT at the PIANO, at liberty for At Homes, Concerts. &c.—Address East Molesey, Surrey. L a w r e n c e h a x to n s - o r c h e s t r a For DANCES, RECEPTIONS, kc.—Apply 18, Regent’s Park-road. Tel., 2,087 Hampstead. F CASANO’S ORCHESTRA. For Terms and Particulars apply (Tel., Park 3,670) 55, Lad br ok e-grove, W. 11. R o y a l n a v a l , m i l i t a r y , and a i r f o r c e TOURNAMENT. Patron—His Most Gracious Majesty the KING. JUNE 26th to JULY 12th. TW ICE D AILY, at 2.30 and 8 p.m. OLYM PIA. Reserved seats can now be booked. Box-offices : 66, Victoria-street, Tel. No. 4.348 Victoria; Olympia. Tel. No., 1,086 Hammersmith. And Principal Booking Agents. Reserved seats, morning, 5s., 5s. 6d.f 6s. 6d., 8s. 6d., 12s. (including tax). Reserved seats, evening, 5s., 5s. 6d., 6s. 6cL, 7s., 7s. 6d.. 8s. 6d., 12s. (including tax). Boxes, 5 to 8 gu in eas. City ot London . City of Cairo......... City of Marseilles . City of Manchester. ’ ¦ V ji.™ rvTr-y ^oco . , J u!y 25 7.700 July 26 8.250 Aug. 11 5,551 A fist. 11 r - - -5 . . - n rrb.iv c fc Karachi, Bombay < !£ Karachi, Calcutta. * From Hull. All sailings subject to alterations without notice. Outside deck cabins with electric fans. Marconi wireless First and Second Saloon. THROUGH BOOKINGS TO THE PUNJAUB. APPLY TO : Montgomerie and Wmkman (Ltd.). 38, Gracechurch-street, E C. 3 ; Hall Line (Ltd.), 9.Fenchnrclv- avenne, EC. 3 ; Ellerman’s City Lin* Agency or Hall Line (Ltd ), 22, Water-street, Liverpool; or to Geo. Smith and Sons, Glasgow. - - - - - - — - - ¦ - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - —- - - - - 1 - - - - - - , — t - » . . . . . . . . .. ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦¦¦»¦ — i n> UNION-CASTLE LINK RO YAL M AIL SERVICE TO SOUTH AND EAST AFRICA, THE CAPE, NATAL, TRANSVAAL, RHODESIA, kc. tDURHAM CASTLE ....................................Jnne 25 t LLANSTEPHAN CASTLE ............................July 2 tVia Madeira. Subject to alteration without notice. For farther sailings apply to the HEAD OFFICE, 3 and 4. FENCHURCH-STREET, E.C. 3. West End Agency, Thos. Cook and Son, 125, Pall- mall. S.W. 1.___________________________________________ CO M M O NW EALTH GOVERNMENT LIN E OP V-/ STEAMERS To MELBOURNE (W H AR F) and SYDNEY, N.S.W, S.S. “ BOORARA,” 10,575 Tons (cargo only). will be despatched from H ULL .........................about 28th June. For frill particulars as to freight, kc., apply to ? CHARLES GRAHAM and CO.. 104, Alfred Golder- street, Hull. TURNER. DAVIDSON, and CO., LTD., 41, St. Mary Axe, London, E.C. NEW ZEALAND via PANAMA CANAL. SHAW, SAVtLL, and ALBION LINE. THROUGH PASSENGER BOOKINGS TO AU STRALIAN PORTS. For particulars apply to the Company, 34, Leaden- hall-street E.C. 3. and 62, Pall Mall, S.W. 1; or tha White Star Line, Liverpool, and 1, Cockspur-st., S.W. 1. IBBY LINE. FAST TWIN-SCREW M AIL AND PASSENGEB STEAMERS. CEYLON, BURMAH, AND SOUTHERN INDIA. For further particulars apply to BIBBY BROS. an£ CO., 26, Chapel-street, Liverpool; or 10-11, Mincinc* lane, London, E.C. 3. Ba n k s, Financial, 8ec. jy £ A P P IN AND WEBB. LIMITED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That INTEREST on the 41/3 PER CENT. FIRST MORTGAGE DEBEN­ TURE STOCK for the Six Months ending 30th June, 1919, wiill be PA ID on the 1st JULY, less income tax at 6s. in the £. Warrants will be posted on the 30th inst. FREDERICK ^ A IT E l , ^ tg ^ B. J. J. TYL1>ESLEY JJolnt 158-162, Oxford-street, W. 1, 2lst. June, 1919. N a t i o n a l m o r t g a g e a n d a g e n c y c o m p a n y OF NEW ZEALAND, LIMITED. DEBENTURE INTEREST COUPONS dated 1st July, 1919, will be PA ID at the Bank of Scotland, London, Edinburgh, and Branches. Debentures to be uplifted on 30th June are required to be left at the Company’s Office three days ioT examination. A. ST. GEORGE RIDER, Manager. 8, Great Wincbester-sfcreet, London, E.C. 2, 21st June, 1919. REAT E A S T E R ^R A ILW A Y ^C O M PA N Y . € r NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the TRANS­ FER BOOKS of the GUARANTEED, PREFERENCE, and ORDINARY STOCKS of the Company (other than the Metropolitan Stock) will be CLOSED on the even­ ing of Wednesday, the 2nd day of July next, and will reopen on Wednesday, the 23rd day of July next. ___ By order, S. A. PARNW ELL, Secretary and Comptroller. Liverpool-street Station, London, 20th June, 1919. A rt G a l l e r i e s , &c . R OYAL SUMMER EXHIBITION. OPEN a a.m. to 7 p.m. A dm is, Catalogue la. Season ticket,, o& i A c a d e m y . Wounded Soldiers and Sailors in Hospital uniform admitted free. R T ) a -T h e SPRING EXHIBITION of the • ROYAL SOCIETY of BRITISH ARTISTS ‘is being held (by- kind permission of the Library Committee) at the Guildhall Art Gallery,. Daily (till June 28), 10-5. T jO Y A ir W A T E R COLOUR SOCIETY, XV5a, Pall-mall East, S.W. 1 (near National Gallerj). EXHIBITION NOW OPEN. 10-6. -----O YAL A R TILLE R Y EXH IBITIO N.-Patron H.M. the KING.—PRINCES’ GALLERIES, 195, PIC­ CADILLY. Open daily 10-5. Sundays 2.30-5. R.A. Band. Admission i s . ______________ ---- ROCKHURST PAINTING S and DRAWINGS. Exhibition of outstanding interest. Last Few Days.—CHENIL GALLERY, by the Town Hall, CHELSEA. GALLERIES.—EXHIBITION of ALLIED and ENEMY W AR POSTERS from the Imperial War Museum. 10 till 6. Admission Is. 3d. (including tax). ________________________________ ~A I. F.-STREETON’S PICTURES, Mount St. xV.* Quentin, Villers-Bretonneux, Peronne, Le Cateau; 50 works.—ALPIN E GALLERY, Mill-street, Conduit-street, W. 10 to 6. P SRTRXITS and SKETCHES by OLIVE SN^l3Z LOAN COLLECTION NOW ON M EW . The BROOK-STREET ART GALLERY, Ltd., 14. Brook-street. W. 1. (four doors from New Bond-st.). Q R A F T O N C OAL SHORTAGE overcome by ordering your PEAT FUEL or WOOD LOGS now, also gaining the dual advantage of Summer prices and delivery by Septem­ ber; truck loads anywhere.—South-Western Peat Com­ pany. Waddon, Croydon. Ga r d e n in g. P IONEER CHESTNUT PALE FENCING. Write for New Catalogue. ECONOMIC FENCING CO., Ltd.. Billiter House, Billiter-6treet. E.C. 3. Beware of fraudulent imitators. H C IOATS and SKIRTS RECUT to PRESENT STYLE 1 or TRANSFORMED into COAT FROCKS. MAISON W INTER, 3, George-street, Hanover-square. W. 1, Tel., Mayfair 2,805. V tump-
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