The Great War, I was there - Part 1

Part 2 of THE GREAT WAR: I WAST HER E!On Sale Everywhere Next Thursday Leaves from the Editor’s Note-Book (Continued from page ii o f this wrap per) y^GAINST these valuable but mainly inaccessible accounts there are also a great number of war books written by master writers who saw active service, a number of which must secure a permanent place in literature. I cannot imagine a future in which such books as Blunden’s “Undertones of War,” Compton Mackenzie’s “ Gallipoli Memories,” or Montague’s “Disenchantment ”will not be read with thrilling interest. I am fortunate in having secured permission to include in each issue a lengthy extract from one or other of such classics. "J"H E proximity of the Western front to our shores and the fact that the final issue must there be decided have for years directed the chief limelight to these battlefields. But there were many “sideshows ”each contributing in its own way to the final victory, the history of which provides great stories of adventure, endurance and courage. Men who fought in Egypt, or Palestine, Macedonia, in E. Africa, on the N.W .Frontier, will be asked to relate their most thrilling experiences equally with their brothers on the Western front. With the idea of making this purely a British compilation the narratives of our allies or our enemies will not be included except insofar as they illustrate the British story. There are. for example, a number of vivid accounts by German writers of their experiences when facing the British line. -HE presentation of our narratives will follow a general chronological order, so that, though the intention is not in any sense to present a formal history, the result will abe continuous historical record of firsthand impressions from beginning to end of the Great War. The historical link will be provided by the briefest description of the events leading up to the actions described, and also where necessary the broad details of a prolonged action will be given. But no editorial historical comment will be made— the contributors will be free to speak their minds. Or, more often, I shall present in these pages the passages from already published books which have most firmly arrested my own inattention their perusal. ORDER PART 2 NOW—IT WILL CONTAIN: MORE DEATHLESS MEMORIES of THE HEROIC RETREAT FROM MONS SECTION II (contd.). MONS: THE GOING UP I WALKED WITH FEAR Lt.-Col. Osburn, D.S.O. LONG LINES OF DEATH' Corpora/ John F. Lucy SECTION III. MONS :THE FIGHTING RETREAT THE TERROR AND TRIBULATION OF THOSE FATEFUL DAYS Captain Arnold Gyde HOW WE SAVED HAIC'S CORPS AT LANDRECIES Captain Wo I r i ge Gordon, M.C. AFFAIR OF MATTRESSES A T LANDRECIES Brig.-Gen. Charter is, C.M.G., D.S.O. HORSES HONOURED IN THEIR COUNTRY'S SERVICE THE UNSEEN KILLERS AT LE CATEAU Pte. G.R. Hill STRAGGLERS OF '14-LO ST FOR A WEEK Pte. Frank Richards, D.C.M., M.M. THE TRUE STORY OF THE ANGELS OF MONS' Arthur Machen LAUGHING DAWN OF DESPAIR Frederic Coleman SPECIAL Double-Page PICTURE MAP IN COLOURS of the RETREAT Many New and Unpublished Photographs of Scenes in the Retreat described by Sir Nevil M acready as "one of the greatest feats of arms in the history of the world" TWO SECTIONS IN DUOTONE Printed in England and published every Thursday by the Proprietors, The A glam a mated Press ,Ltd .,The Fleetw ay House, Farringdon Street, London, E .C.4. Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand: Messrs. Gordon and Gotch, Ltd .and for South Africa :Central News Agency, Ltd. Subscription Rates: Inland and Abroad, xid. per copy. September 29th, 1938. S.G.
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