The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for The Royal Air Force, 1943

CONTENTS. vi X I . — R e g u l a t io n s r e l a t i n g t o t h e M a i n t e n a n c e , I n s p e c t i o n a n d T e s t i n g o f A i r c r a f t — Section I .— Maintenance Orders, etc., Responsibilities and Duties ,, I I .— Modifications and Inspections ,, I I I .— Boards of Survey, Reconditioning, Overhauls and Repairs .. ,, IV .— Testing of Aircraft and Engines . . X I I . — R e g u l a t io n s r e l a t in g t o F l y in g — Section I .— General ,, I I .— Regulations to ensure the Safety of Personnel ,, I I I .— Special Instructions in regard to Cross-Country Flights ,, IV .— Regulations relating to Flying Accidents and Forced Landings.. ,, V.— Rules of the A ir ,, V I.— Regulations relating to A ir Navigation ,, V II.— Regulations relating to Signals ,, V III.— Regulations relating to Armament ,, IX .— Regulations relating to Parachutes and Dinghies ,, X .— Regulations relating to Log Books ,, X I.— Miscellaneous Flying Regulations ,, X II.— Regulations governing Qualification as Pilot ,, X III.— Regulations governing the Award to Pilots of the Qualification " Flying Instructor ” ,, X IV .— Regulations governing the Award of the Observer’s Badge ,, X V .— Regulations governing the Award of the A ir Gunner’s Badge X III.— G e n e r a l D u t ie s a n d M is c e l l a n e o u s P r o v is io n s — Section I .— Daily Duties ,, I I .— Divine Service and Religious Ministrations ,, I I I .— Duties of the Royal A ir Force in aid of the Civil Power ,, IV .— Miscellaneous Regulations X IV .— M o v e m e n t s o f A i r F o r c e s — Section I .— General ,, I I .— Applications for Passages ,, I I I .— Preliminary Arrangements for Movements to and from Abroad and between Stations Abroad ,, IV .— Homeward Voyages ,, V.— Embarkation ,, V I.— Duties on Board Ship ,, V II.— Messing and Canteens on Board Ship ,, V III.— Disembarkation XV.—D iscipline— Section I .— General ,, I I .— Arrest and Custody (before Sentence) ,, I I I .— Investigation and Disposal of C h a r g e s ............... ,, IV .— Summary and M inor Punishments ,, V .— Procedure in Cases of Absence, Desertion and Offences against Enlistment ,, VI.—Award, Forfeiture, Deprivation and Restoration of Good Conduct Badges ,, V II.— Disposal of A ir Force Convicts and Persons under Sentence; Prisons, Detention Barracks and Service Detention Rooms X VI.— C o u r t s M a r t ia l — Section I .— General ,, I I .— Summary of Evidence and Charges , ,, I I I .— A ward of Sentences and Disposal of Proceedings.. Chapter. Subject. Page. 262 264 266 272 274 275 284 295 301 303 306 306 307 30S 310 322 324 324 324 325 332 337 338 362 373 376 386 388 396 410 412 416 433 438 443 453 463 469 482 490 494
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