The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for The Royal Air Force, 1943

V Exp natal ion o f Terms ............x i Abbr e via t ions xviI— I n t r o duct ion ..............1 II.— Organ is a t ion oft heR.A .F .....4 III.— neG are l Instruct ions for Off ice rs— Section I .—Instructions for Commanders ..8 II.— Instructions for Officers Generally ..25 III.— Instructions relating to Particular Branches of the Service ....27 IV.— Comm and Relative Rank and Precedence ......31 V.—Ceremonial—Section I .—Compliments to be Paid ....48 „II.— Service Funerals ......59 VI.—Uniform—Section I .—General ......62 II.— Dresses and the Occasions on which they arc to be Worn ......66 III.—Manner of Wearing Orders Decorations and Medals 6S VII.— O r red s Deco rat ions Medal sand Other Distinct ions —Section I .—Award ......81 II.— Custody Loss Replacement and Disposal 87 III.— Forfeiture and Restoration ..91 IV .—Pensions Annuities and Gratuities ..93 VIII.— A p p ointment Con fir mat ion Posting Attachment Second­ment and Pro mot ion o f Officers ....95 IX .—Training and E ducat ion gene rally —Section I .—Training of Officers 123 II.— Training of Airmen 132 III.— Language Study 137 IV .—Education Generally 153 V.— Physical Training 170 X .—Air men— E n t r dAy van cement R e duct Dion far ting, DisEngagements charge and Trans fer t o the Reserve —Section I .—Entry of Recruits 175 II.— Classification Mustering Promotion Redaction Appointment and Reversion 179 III.—Trade Tests for Airmen 215 IV .—Drafting Posting and Attachment 215 V.— Extension of Service Prolongation of Engagement, Re-engagement and Continuance in the Service :Forfeiture and Restoration of Service towards Engagements 219 VI.— Deleted VII.— Purchase of Discharge 226 VIII.— Discharge and Transfer to the Reserve 231 CONTENTS. Chapter. Subject. Page.
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