The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for The Royal Air Force, 1943

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194 CHAPTER II. ORGANISATION OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE. '19. Composition and Government of the Air Forces.— 1. The Imperial air forces of the Crown consist of commissioned and enlisted personnel who have undertaken a definite liability for service and comprise— the(a) R.A.F. (b) the R.A.F. Reserve which includes the Reserve of Air Force Officers the Special Reserve and the R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve (c) the Auxiliary Air Force. 2. The following services ancillary to the R.A.F. are organised on a civilian basis and except while on active service as provided in the Air Force Act are not subject to air force law:— (?)The Princess Marys R.A.F. Nursing Service. (?)The R.A.F. Educational Service. (c) The outstation staff of the Directorate of Works (see para. 1821).3. The following though administered by the R.A.F. have no liability for service unless specially undertaken:— (a) Cadets of the R.A.F. College. (b) Members as such of the air squadrons of the Universities of Oxford Cambridge and London. 4. The government of the Imperial air forces is invested the Crown. The command of the R.A.F. is placed in the hands of the Air Council, who are also responsible for its administration together with the admini­stration of the R.A.F. Reserve the Auxiliarjr Air Force (but see clause 5), the ancillary services the R.A.F. College and the university air squadrons. 5. The Air Council is responsible for the administration of units of the Auxiliary Air Force only during periods of annual training or when embodied or when on actual air force service: at all other times administration is undertaken by county associations. 20. Deleted. 21. The Air Council.—1. The composition and duties of the Air Council are defined by Order in Council dated 5th August 1941 a copy of which will be found in Appendix I. 2 .The organisation of the departments of the Air Members of the Air Council is as follows:— (a) Department of the Chief of the Air Staff. Directorate of Plans. Directorate of Operations (Home). Directorate of Operations (Overseas). Directorate of Operations (Naval Co-operation). Directorate of Ground Defence. Directorate of Intelligence. Directorate of Signals. Directorate of Operational Requirements. Directorate of Allied Air Co-operation. Deputy Directorate of Air Tactics.
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