The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for The Royal Air Force, 1943

4 CHAP. I.—INTRODUCTION. 22. All pay refunds of expenses allowances and other pecuniary advantages granted by these regulations which shall not have been claimed within a period of twelve calendar months from the date on which they might have been claimed shall be deemed to be forfeited, except in such exceptional circumstances as maybe approved by the Air Councilor by an officer duly authorised by them. Special provision is made in para. 3354 clause 4 in regard to claims for family allowance, and in para. 3743 in regard to widows &c. pensions and allowances. 5. Effect of Variation of Regulations.—An officer airman or other person shall not be entitled to claim any pay promotion retired pay, pension or other advantage conferred by any provision herein in the event of such provision being at anytime toadded varied or cancelled. A claim cannot be founded upon a regulation the operation of which is merely contingent e.g. a regulation prescribing a rate of pay which is revised before the claimant attains the rank or seniority to which it was assigned. 6. Vested Rights.—An officer airman or other person for whom provision is made in these regulations will not be recognised as having any vested rights to any rate of pay retired pay pension gratuity, allowance or any other emolument except as specially provided herein whether in the text of the regulations or by footnotes thereto. Similarly such person will not be entitled to claim the issue of any emolument whether under these regulations or as a reserved right, under special conditions which are not herein provided for. 7. Liability to Stoppages.—1. The pay and all other emoluments granted by these regulations to an officer or airman or to a member of the naval or military forces attached to the R.A.F. or to any other person shall beheld liable to be stopped on the order of the Air Council to meet any public claim that maybe outstanding against such person, any service debtor any debt to the N.A.A.F.I. that maybe due from such person and any service claim or any claim by the N.A.A.F.I.* which the Air Council may direct such person to pay. 1A. The power to order stoppages of pay invested the Air Council in clause 1 may also be exercised by an officer in the Department of the Air Member for Personnel not below the status of Director and an officer in the Department of the Permanent Under-Secretary of State not below the rank of Assistant Under-Secretary of State acting jointly. 2. The term “public claim ”will beheld to include any public debtor disallowance or any over-issue made through an error as to the facts. 8. Doubt as to the Proper Issue of Pay and Allowances.— 1. When any doubt exists as to the rate or amount of pay or allowances issuable to an officer airman or other person so that reference to higher authority is necessar)% payment will be suspended pending the receipt of a decision or of the necessary information. 2. Where the question is as to which of two rates or amounts is correct the lower rate or amount will be paid provisionally. The Army Canteen Board (India) is not covered by this expression.
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