The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for The Royal Air Force, 1943

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1 THE KINGS REGULATIONS AND AIR COUNCIL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ROYAL AIR FORCE. CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Applicability of Regulations.—1. These regulations apply in all commands at home and abroad. 2. Except where they are specifically mentioned the regulations do not apply to civilians of the officer class and civilian employees. The regulations relating to civilian employees are contained in A.P. 826.3. They will apply to the nursing service only insofar as they are stated to apply or insofar as they are applied by reference in A.P. 1075. The regulations for the Princess Mary's R.A.F. Nursing Service are contained in A.P. 1075.2. Use of the Regulations.—An officer or airman or other person, in applying the regulations should be careful to ensure by means of the index and the cross references provided in the text that he has acquainted himself with all the necessary details relating to the matter upon which he requires to be informed. 3. London Gazette—Notifications in.—The London Gazette published by authority in which all appointments to commissions promotions,* transfers to and from the half-pay list resignations retirements, removals dismissals and transfers to the reserve of officers and where applicable of members of Princess Marys R.A.F. Nursing Service are inserted is transmitted to each air or other officer commanding to enable him to notify in orders such details as affect his command. Notifications so published will be official for all air force purposes. 4. Forfeiture of Emoluments.—1. Under the Forfeiture Act 1870, as applied to the Air Force if any person convicted of treason or felony, for which he is sentenced to death or penal servitude or any term of imprisonment with hard labour or exceeding twelvemonths holds any military naval or air force office or is entitled to any pension or super­annuation allowance payable by the public or out of any public fund, such office becomes vacant and such pension or superannuation allowance is forfeited unless a free pardon is granted by His Majesty within two months of the conviction or before the filling up of the office if given at a later date. See para. 3878 clause 7 as to restoration of pension forfeited under this Act.) During the war commencing on 3rd September 1939 substantive war substantive and temporary promotions will be notified in the London Gazette. Acting promotions will be gazetted only if to or above the rank of air vice-marshal. In respect of acting ranks which are not gazetted entries in the appropriate casualty form or personnel occurrence report (orin the Air Ministry Posting List for officers serving at the Air Ministry) will be official for all purposes.
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