The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for The Royal Air Force, 1943

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3430 CHAP. XXXIX.—PAY. 1132 pay and will be payable only to an officer who is posted or attached as therein provided. It will not be payable to an officer who is attached for temporary duty. 3430A. Additional Pay—Medical Branch.—Additional pay at the rates shown below will be issued to an officer posted for the following duties Consultant in Applied Physiology (if below the rank of group captain)—a maximum of 181 a year subject to tl?.3 proviso that pay plus additional pay does not exceed the pay of a group captain. Squadron leader oran officer of lower rank employed as Chief Assistant to the Consultant in Applied Physiology— 9010s. 0d. a year. This additional pay will be issued by the agents or accountant officer, through whom the officer draws his pay and will be admissible during leave and sick leave under the conditions laid down in para. 3430 clause 6.3431. Air Aides-de-Camp.—1. An officer who holds an appointment on the paid establishment of air aides-de-camp to the King will be paid the sum of 10s. 6d a day in addition to the full pay or half-pay to which he maybe entitled. 2. For an officer on full pay issue will be made by the agents or the accountant officer from whom he draws his full pay. 3. For an officer on half-pay issue will be made by the agents from whom he would normally draw his full pay. 4. The appointment of principal air aide-de-camp to the King is unpaid. 3432.—Indian Rates of Pay.—Officers serving on the Indian estab­lishment will receive their pay from the Indian Government under Indian regulations. Paj' at Indian rates will commence as from the date of disembarkation in India (but see para. 2780 as to advances of pay). 3433. Officer Posted to India for Temporary Duty.—An officer who is posted to India for temporary duty will not be transferred to Indian payment but will remain in the payment of his agents or of the accountant officer as appropriate. 3434. “Service” for Increments of Pay.—1. The rules contained in this para will be followed for the purpose of determining the date from which an officer will be entitled to reccive increments of pay, except for a legal officer a medical quartermaster and a director of music who will be dealt with under the regulations laid down from time to time for Army officers of the military department of the office of the Judge Advocate General quartermasters of the Royal Army Medical Corps and directors of music in the Army respectively. 2. Deleted. As from 1st June 1941 the rate will be 3s. tid. a day (see A.M.O.A 519/41).
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