The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for The Royal Air Force, 1943

XI (For the explanation o f aeronautical terms used in these regulations reference should be made to the British Standard Glossary o f Aero­nautical Terms (Revised 1033). See also A.M .O. A .234/33.) Air or other Officer Comm anding.—The officer of air or lower rank who is appointed to command aR.A .F .command or group at home or abroad or who is in command of the command or group during the absence of the officer posted for that duty. Air m a nor Airmen .—These words wherever they occur will beheld to include a warrant officer a N.C.O. an aircraftman an apprentice and a boy entrant unless any rank or class of airman is.expressly excluded in the context of the regulations or unless the context is clearly repugnant to such interpretation. Appoint men t.—When used in relation to an airman applies only to the grant of acting rank whether paid or unpaid. B aggage.—The personal and household effects of individuals. Ar­ticles of a similar nature belonging to a unit or part of a unit are included in the term “Service Baggage.” British Island s.—For the purpose of these regulations the term “British Islands ”is synonymous with the phrase “at home ”and, unless otherwise stated will be regarded as including Great Britain, Northern Ireland Eire the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Competent Medical Author it They.— Principal Medical Officer (P.M.O.) of a command or the Senior Medical Officer (S.M.O.) of an independent group or wing according to the circumstances to which the regulations are being applied. Default e r.—An airman confined to camp. Director of Sea Tran spo rt.—The officer of the Board of Trade charged with the direction of all sea transport duties including the Indian Trooping Service carried out on behalf of the government. Embarkation Officer .—The officer appointed to superintend embarkation and disembarkation of personnel and the loading and unloading of material at a port. Establish men t.—The establishment of a unit is the number of officers airmen civilians aircraft and transport included in its organisa­ tion as authorised and indicates in detail— (i) numbers and ranks of officers and the duties on which they are employed (ii) numbers ranks and trades of airmen (iii) numbers grades and trades of civilians (iv) numbers and types of aircraft (v) numbers and types of transport vehicles and marine craft. EXPLANATION OF TERMS.
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