The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for The Royal Air Force, 1943

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95324 APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION POSTING ATTACHMENT SECONDMENT AND PROMOTION OF OFFICERS. 324. First Appointments.—1. Commissions in the regular air force will be given to persons duly qualified under regulations approved by the Air Council. Commissions maybe granted as follows:— For(a) permanent service. (b) For short service (for a period of service on the active list,. followed (except for a chaplain) normally by a period of service in the reserve). (c) For temporary service. (rf) Honorary. 2. A commission maybe given— («)to a flight cadet who has passed through a course of instruc­tion at the R.A.F. College (b) to a candidate from a university (c) to an officer of the Reserve of Air Force Officers or the Auxiliary Air Force(d) to an officer of the reserve or auxiliary forces of the Navy, Army and Indian Army—under clause 1 (b)and (c)(e) to an officer of the R.N. or regular Army or Indian Army seconded for service with the regular air force—under clause 1 (c), and as provided in para. 327 clause 2 (f) to approved candidates direct from civil life to(g) a warrant or non-commissioned officer under clause 1 («)(h) deleted (i)to an officer of the R.N. or R.M. attached to the R.A.F. for service with the Fleet Air Arm—under clause 1 (c) (j )to a cadet who has passed through a course of instruction at the Royal Military College Kingston Canada (k) to approved candidates who have passed through a course of instruction with the Royal Australian Air Force the Royal Canadian Air Force or the Royal New Zealand Air Force. 3. Commissions in the chaplains branch will normally be given with the relative rank of squadron leader but any other relative rank maybe assigned to a chaplain on first appointment at the discretion of the Air Council. 4. Commissions granted in the medical and dental branches will normally be in the rank of flying officer except for officers of the medical branch of the R.N. and of the Royal Army Medical Corps seconded for service with the R.A.F. who will be commissioned in the rank correspond­ing to the substantive rank held by them in their own service. 5. Commissions as medical quartermasters and directors of music will be in the rank of flying officer and will be given under clause 1 (a) only. 6. A commission as a legal officer will normally be given in the rank of flight lieutenant. CHAPTER VIII.
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