The King's Regulations and Orders for The Army 1912

MILITARY published BOOKS by Authority— continued .TERR ITO RIAL FORCE (andsee Equipment Establishments):— Cadet List. A List of all Cadet Units which had received Official Recognition from County Associations on 1st August 1911. Gd. Cadet Units. Regulations governing the Formation Organization and Administration of by County Associations. (Issued with special A.O. May 211910). Id. (Under revision) Commission in the and in the Territorial Force Reserve. How to obtain /.a. 1910.1 Definition of “Corps" for the purposes of the Army Act. Special A.O. March 311908 enclosing the Royal Warrant dated March 301908. Id. Exemption from Jury Service.%d. Leaflets:—No. 1. Organization and Principles Service of the Imperial yeomanry Id. each or Gd. per dozen or 3s. per 100. Organization and Establishment. Special O A March 181908. G 1 .Regulations for the and for County Associations. 1910. tid. (Under revision] Reserve. Regulations. (Issued with Special v3Iiy A.0. 211910).1/. Scheme for the Transfer of the Honourable Artillery Company the Imperial Yeomanry in Great Britain and the Volunteer Force and their Reorganization into the Territorial Force. Special A.O. March 181908. 2d. Service in the. Its Terms and Conditions lc/. Training. Provisional. 2d. Transfer of Units to the. Special A.O. March 201908 enclosiug the Order in Council dated March 191908. 2d. Uniform. Special A.O. Juno 121908.1 /.Voluntary Aid:— Scheme for the Organisation of in England and Wales. Dec. 1910. 2d. Ditto in Scotland. Oct. 1911. 2d. Training. (Extracts from “Medical Corps. Royal Amy. Training. 1911.”)6 </.TRACTOR TRIALS held by the Experimental Sub-Committee of the Mechanical Transport Committee at Aldershot Sept. and Oct. 1903. Report on. G /.TRAINING AND MAN C E U V R E REG U LAT IONS .1909. Ad. Ditto. Amendments. May 1910 March 1911. di Ea 1 /.TRAN SPORT MANUAL .Field Servico. 190"). Part I. Provisional id. T R\N OPS R T.M EC 3 A N IC A L .Regulations for the Appointment of Inspectors of. Id. T RUM PET AND BUGLE SOUNDS for the Army. With 1 instructions for tlio Training of Trumpeters and Buglers. 1909. 9d. TYPHOID (AN TI-) COIN U LAT ION COMMITTEE. Report on Blood Changes following Typhoid Inoculation. 1903. Is. 6d. U G AND A PROTECT ORATE. Irecis of Information. Sept. 1902. 5s. G rf. URDU N-E G ISL H PRIMER .For the use of Colonial Artillery 1899. 15s VALISE EQUIPMENT .Instructions for Pitting :—Pattern 1888 with pattern 1891 Pouch opening outwards. 1895. In'. Bandolier pattern. 1903. 2d. VALPARAISO .The Capture of in 1891. Is. NEV E REAL DISEASE .See Medical Services. VETERINARY CORPS. Army:— Regulations for Admission. 1910. 2d. Standing Orders. 190G. Ad. VETERINARY RES VICES .Army Regulations 190G. 3d. VOLUNTARY AID .See Territorial Force. WAR OFFICE LIST AND ADMINISTRATIVE DIRE C TORY FOR THE BRITISH ARMY. 1911. Sold by Harrison 4' Suns 45 Pall Mall. 5s. urt. (Under revision) WATER SUP PLY MANUAL .Is. G /.X -RAY APPARATUS .Hints Regarding the Management and Use of. 3</. ZULU LAND .Precis of Information concerning With a Map. Dec. 1891. 4s. ZULU WAR OF 1879. Narrative of the Field Operations connected with the. 18>il. (Reprinted 1907). 3s. 15
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