The King's Regulations and Orders for The Army 1912

ELECTRIC L IG H TING .Military. Vol. I. Is. Vol. II. Is. G ENGINEd ERSE R VICES Regulations. Peace:— Part I. 1910. Is. Part II. 1911. Technical Treatises. 9c/. ENGINE E RING .Field. Manual of. 1911.9 <ENGINE E RING .Military Part I. Field Defences. 1908. Is. Gd. Part II. Attack and Defence of Fortresses. 1910.9 /.Part III. Military Bridging and Use of Spars. Corrected to Jan. 1902. Is. G d .(Under revision) Part IV. Mining and Demolitions. 1910. Is. Part V. Miscellaneous. 1907. Is. 3 /.Part VI. Military Railways. 1898. (Reprinted 1904). 4s. ENGINEERS .ROYAL .TRAINING .1907. Gd. {Under revision) EQUIPMENT Regulations:— Part 1.1909. Is. {Under revision) Amendments May 1911.1 /.Part 2. Details— Secs. 1. Infantry. (Regular Army). 1910. Gd. T«. Mounted Infantry. 1912.6 c/. II. Cavalry. (Regular Army). 1910.3 c/. Ilf. A nny Service Corps (Regular Army). 1910. 3d. IV. IVcx and IVb. Army Ordnance Corps. Army Pay Corps. Army Veterinary Corps. (Regular Army). 1911. 2d. V. Royal Army Medical Corps. (Regular Army). 1910. '2d. VI.-1X. li.M. Academy R.M. and Staff Colleges School of Signalling Aldershot Cavalry School Netheravon Garrison Staff and Schools of Instruction Military Prisons. Detention Barracks and Military Provost Staff Corps. (Regular Army). 1910. '2d. Xa. Engineer. General. Fortress, Survey Railway and Dep6t Units. Peace and War. (Regular Army). 1910. 2d. Xb. Field Troop (exclusive of South Africa). (Regular Army). 1910. 2d. Xc. Field Company (exclusive of Egypt and South Africa). (Regular Army). 1910. 2d. Xd. Divisional Telegraph Company (exclu­sive of Egypt and South Africa). (Regular A nny). 1910. 2d. Xe. Wireless Telegraph Company. (Regular Army). 1910. 2d. XJ. Signal Company (Air-line). (Regular Army). 1911. 2d. X#. Signal Company (Cable). (Regular Army). 1911. 2c/. X/i. Balloon Company. (Regular Army). 1910. 2d. Xj. Bridging Train. (Regular Army). 1911. 2d. XI«. Horse Artillery. Q.F. 13-pr. 1910.97. X16. Field Artillery. Q.F. 18-pr. 1910. 9d. XIc. Field Artillery. B.L. 5-iu. Howitzer. 1908. 9c/. Xlc. Field Artillery. Q.F. 4-5-in. Howitzer. 1911. 9c/. XIc/. Training Brigades with Q.F. 18-pr. Equipment Horse and Field Artillery Staff and DepGts Biding Establish­ment School of Gunnery (Horse and Field) and Mounted Band. (Regular Army). 1910. Gd. XII«. Royal Garrison Artillery. (Regular Army). 1910.' 2s. Gd. XII6. Royal Garrison Artillery Siege Artillery. Movable Armament and Machine Guns in Armaments. (Regular Army). 1910 Is. XIIc. Heavy Artillery. B.L. 60-pr. (Regular Army). 1910. 6c/. XIII. Headquarters Units (War). 1909. 2d. XIV. Base Remouut Dep6t and Advanced Remount DepSt. War only. 1907. 2c/. XVI Special Reserve. 1911. 4c/. XVII. Oflicers Training Corps. 1909. 3d. :Practice Batteries and Drill Guns (Fixed Mountings) of the Royal Garrison Artillery. (Part 2 Secns. XIIcc. and XVI. and Part ij. 1909. Is. Gd. Amendments to ditto. March 1911. Id. Amendments to Parts 1 and 2. Jan. Feb. April May Aug. Sept. Dec. 1907 March 1908 July 1909. Each Id. Amendments to Part 2. Oct. (two issues) Nov. (two issues) 1910 June Sept. 1911. Each lc/. Parts. Territorial Force. 1911. 6c/. Ditto. Details:— Sec. IX. Artillery. 1912. Is. Sec. X. Engineer. 8c/. (Under revision) Amendments to Parts 2 1 and 3. Aug. 1908 April 1909 Jan. May Aug Dec. 1910 April Aug. 1911. Each lc/. Amendments to Parts 2 1 and 3. Oct. 1909 Feb. 1912. Each 2d. Amendments to Tarts 2 and 3. Jan. 1909. lc/. E Q U IPM E N T.IN FAN 1 R Y .Pattern 1908 Web. 2d. MILITARY BOOKS published by Authority—continued. 5
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