The King's Regulations and Orders for The Army 1912

Garrison— Vol.T. 1910. G /.Amendments. Feb. 1911 Feb. 1912. Each Id. Vol. II. (Siege). 1911. 9d. Vol III 1911. Is. Ameidments. Fob. 1912.1(7 .ARTILLERY COLLEGE. Reports upon the 14th to 18th Senior Classes. Each Is. (See also Ordnance College). ARTILLERY FIELD .The Tactics of. (Von Scliell). Translated. 1900. Is. ARTILLERY MUSE U Min the Rotunda Woolwich. Official Catalogue. 190G .(Sold at the Rotunda. Is. Gd.) ARTILLERY AND RIFLE RANGES ACT 1885 and MILITARY LANDS ACTS 1892 to 1903. Byelaws under:— Aldeburgh 189G Ash (Aldershot Camp\ 1887 Finborough 1901 Hytlie 1894 Inchkeith Battery 1896 Kinghornness 1896 Landguard 1887 Lydd— Dungoness 1895 Middlewick 1890 Millbrook 1888 Orchard Portman 1896 Pauli Point Battery 1896 Scarborough 1902 Scraps Gate. 1886: Shoebury- ness 1895: Soutlnvold 1896 Strensall 1900 Warden Point Battery and Hurst Castle 1889 Wash 1891 Whitehaven Battery (Cumberland) 1S9G each Id. Purfleet 1911. Is. Salisbury Plain 1900. 4d. ARTILLERY STORE ACCOUNTS AND THE SUPER VISION OF A R.G.A. SUB-DISTRICT. Notes on. April 1911. Is. Amendments 1911. Id. ARTILLERY STORE ACCOUNTS AND THE CARE AND PRESERVATION OF EQUIPMENT OF ROYAL ARTILLERY HORSE, FIELD AND HEAVY BATTERIES. Notes on. June 1911. Gd. BALL IS TIC TAB LES. For use with the TextBook of Gunnery. 4s. BALLOONING .Military. Manual of. Part I. 1905. Is. BAR RACK S.Care of. Instruction iu. 1901. 9d. BASH FORTH C H R ONO GRAPH .Experiments with to determine the resistance of the air to the motion of projectiles. Report on. 1870. Is BAY O NET FIG H TING .Instruction in. Id. BAY O NET FIG H COMFORTING PETITIONS. Instruction in. Id. BELG IAN ARMY .Handbook. 9d. B ICY C LES. Military. Handbook on. 1911. Id. BRITISH MINOR EXP EDIT IONS 1746 to 1814.1881. 2s. G d .CAVALRY OF THE LINE .PEACE ORGAN IZ A T ION OF THE and Arrangements for Mobilization consequent on the establishment of Cavalry DepSts. (Special A O. July 191909). Id. CAVALRY SCHOOL NETHER AVON .Standing Orders. 1911. 2d. CAVALRY TRAINING .1907. (Reprinted with Amendments. 1910). Is. Ditto. Amendments. April 1911. Id. CEREMONIAL .Manual of. (In the press') CHE MISTS OF THE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT .Rules and Regulations. Id. CHIROPODY .Manual of. 2d. CIVIL IAN SUBORDINATES General Stores Inspection Division Woolwich. Rules for. 1905. 2d.
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