The King's Regulations and Orders for The Army 1912

MILITARY BOOKS fublisfjcb hv PUBLISHED BY HIS MAJESTYS STATIONERY OFFICE. T o be purchased either directly or through any Bookseller from WYMAN x s d SONS Ltd .Fetter BLank .C.or OLIVER and BOYD T w k e add eCol u rtE din burgh orE. PONSOXBY Ltd .116 G far ton Street lulU i.v .ABYSSINIA .Expedition to. 2 vols. and maps. 1870. Half Mor. 5 5s. Cloth, 1 4s. AFR IC A .British Central. Protectorate. Precis of Information concerning the, with notes on Adjoining Territory. 181)0. 3s. Oil. AFR IC A .British East. Protectorate and Zanzibar. 1900. 3s. AFRICA. Coutinent of. Geology of. Notes on. 1906. 3s AMHARIC LANG U .ShortAGE Manual of the. With Vocabulary. 1909. 5s. ANIMAL MANAGEMENT. 1908. Is. G d .AR A BIC GRAM MAR. Two parts. 1887. (Sold to Officers only'). 10s. ARM OUR ER S. Instructions for. 1901. Is. Gd. (Under revision) ARMY LIST .The Official Quarterly. Each 15s. ARMY LIST .Monthly. Each Is. Gd. ARMY CIRCULAR SAND ARMY ORDERS issued before Dec. 311892 which aro instill force and required for reference. Beprint of. May 1896. 3d. ARMY ORDERS. Monthly. Each 3d. ARMY ORDERS. Covers for. 9d. ARMY Pay Appointment Promotion and Non-Effective Pay. Royal Warrant. 1909. Is. ARMY ALLOWANCES Regus. 1910. Is. ARMY ENTRANCE Regns. :—R.M. Academy. Admission to from April 11912. Id. R.M. College. Ditto. Id. Militia and Imperial Yeomanry. Officers of. 1907. Id. Special Reserve of Officers the Malta Militia the Bermuda Militia Channel Islands Militia and Territorial Force. Officers of the. 1912. Id. University Candidates. 1912. Id. Military Forces of the Self-governing Dominions and Crown Colonies. Officers of the. 1912. Id. See also Commission Medical Corps Special Reserve Territorial Force Veterinary Corps. ARMY REVIEW .Quarterly. Commencing July 1911. Is. ARMY SE R VIC ECO RPS:— Regimental Standing Orders. 1911. 6d. Amendments. Id. Training. Part I. 9d. Ditto. Part II. Supplies. 1909. Is. 3d. Ditto. Part III. Transport. 9d. Ditto. Part IV. Mechanical .Transport. (in// A lrp \ARTIFICERS .Military. Handbook. 9th edition. 1910. Is. 7 J Ditto. Amendments. Id. (11)228) Wt. 3 1 G U G —1003 G O m .3/12 S&H LONDON:
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