The King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions, Volume I, 1913

PAY AND PENSIONS. 20212. Any officer desiring to change the mode of receiving his half or retired pay should in like manner signify his wish to the Paymaster-General. 2022. Balance of Half Pay on Appointment.—When an officer appointed to a ship from half pay is unable from unavoidable causes to receive the residue of his half pay before leaving England he may communicate with the Accountant-General enclosing the usual declaration if not previously sent to the Paymaster-General stating the name and address of the person he wishes to receive the residue of his half pay authority will then be given the Paymaster-General to pay the arrears to the officer's nominee. 2023. Death of Half Pay Officer.—In the case of death the legal repre­sentatives should apply to the Accountant-General by whom the necessary authority will be sent to the Paymaster-General for the payment to them of the arrears due to date of death. Should probate of will have been obtained or letters of administration taken out they should be forwarded to the Accountant-General but if there should be no occasion for such administration, owing to the assets of the deceased not exceeding 100/. it should be so stated on the application. 2024. Retired Pay Pensions &c.:how paid.—Retired pay pensions to officers and pensions to widows and relatives of deceased officers are paid in the same manner as half pay by the Paymaster-General on receipt of the necessary authority from the Admiralty upon production of declarations, except that in the case of the death of a pensioner the probate of will or the letters of administration should be forwarded to the Paymaster-General. 2025. Declarations Attestation of.—Under the authority of Treasury warrants dated the 18th October 1893 the 8th March and 31st October 1895, in pursuance of the provisions of the Annual Appropriation Act the persons before whom half pay and pension declarations maybe subscribed are given on the form which must be used when applying for half or retired pay. They are also given in the Quarterly Navy List. Not e.—For Appendices Comparative Table and Index see Volume II. 703
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