The King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions, Volume I, 1913

r * CONTENTS. C h a p t e r . S u b j e c t . P a g e . V II. V III. IX . X. X I. X II. X III. O f f ic e r s — T r a i n i n g a n d E x a m in a ­ t io n s GENERALLY. M e n a n d B o y s— E n t r y , Q u a l if i c a ­ t io n a n d I n s t r u c t io n . Section I. Military Branch arid Marine Officers - „ II. Engineer Branch - „ III. Medical Branch - - - ,, IV. Accountant Branch - ,, V. Warrant Officers - ,, VI. Interpreters and Foreign Languages ,, V II. Examinations generally - Section I. Medical Examination and Inspection - ,, II. Raising and Entering - - - - „ III. Continuous, Non-continuous and Special Service - - - - - - „ IV. Training, Instruction, Qualification and Examination - - - - „ V. Transfers - ......................................... ,, VI. Nonsubstantive Ratings - „ V II. Qualifications for, and Service in, Coast Guard - - - - - - I n s t r u c t io n s t o O f f ic e r s in G e n e r a l I n s t r u c t io n s t o COMMANDERS- i n -C h i e f a n d O f f ic e r s i n C o m m a n d o f F l e e t s , S q u a d r o n s , a n d S t a t i o n s . S e c tio n I. General Duties of Commandcr-in-Chief ,, II. Duties of the Senior Officer present - ,, III. Commanders-in-Chief at Home Ports „ IV. Officers recommended for Promotion I n s t r u c t io n s t o a F l a g O f f ic e r o r a C o m m o d o r e o f t h e F ir s t C l a s s n o t C o m m a n d in g -i n -C h i e f ............................................................... I n s t r u c t io n s t o t h e C a p t a in o f t h e F l e e t ................................................... Section I. On Appointment - „ II. Fighting Efficiency - ,, III. Exercises and Instructions as to Arm a­ ments and Magazines - „ IV. Fire Precautions - ,, V. Regulations for Closing Water-tight Doors ,, VI. Smoking Regulations - • - ,, VII. Clothing, Cleanliness, and Health - ,, V III. Logs, Register and Signal Books, &c. - ,, IX . Instruction of Officers - ,, X. General Instructions - „ X I. Letters and M ails - • ,, X II. Anchors and Cables - - - ,, X III. Payments, Cash and Store Accounts and Surveys - - - - - - ,, XIV. Discharge of Officers and Men . ,, XV. Miscellaneous - I n s t r u c t io n s to C a p t a in s . X IV . I n s t r u c t io n s t o L i e u ­ t e n a n t s a n d S u b - L i e u ­ t e n a n t s . XVI. In Case of Wreck S e c tio n I . Lieutenant - „ II. Sub-Lieutenant, &c. 86 91 92 92 93 94 100 102 102 107 110 116 116 121 123 128 138 148 151 152 153 154 155 155 157 159 162 162 164 165 166 170 171 172 175 178 180 182 185 iv
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