With The Flag To Pretoria

CONTENTS OF VOL. I . C hapter I.— T H E E X P L O S IO N . Oct. n , 1899. A nd e v e n t s previo u s t h e r e t o . T h e B oer U ltim atum — Intrigues against B ritish suprem acy— G reat B ritain 's interest in the Dutch Republics — Common interests of the white peoples— E a rly history of Cape Colony— Unpopularity of the Dutch East India Com pany— British capture Capetown— " T h e G reat Trek " — England recognises the R epublics—T h eir attitude towards 11s—Sir B artle Frere— M ajuba—T he Outlanders—The Jam eson raid —K ruger— His character— Sir A lfred M ilner—The Bloemfontein conference—T ransvaal refuses England’s demands—W ar C h apter II.—T H E O V E R R U N N IN G O F N O R T H E R N N A T A L . Oct. 11-O ct. 27, 1899. H urried Preparations for W ar—T he R eserves M obilised—Enthusiasm of the B ritish Public— Strength of the Forces in N atal and Cape Colony—Strength of the Enem y— The Attack D elayed—’Disposition of the B oer Forces — Positions of the B ritish at Dundee and Ladysm ith—Battle of Dundee—Sym ons wounded—Storm ing of Talana H ill—T he Treacherous W hite F la g —Y ule’s M arch —Battle of Elandslaagte—British and B oer L osses— “ R e ­ member M ajuba ! ” — Action at Rietfontein—T he Boer T actics— W hite decides to hold Ladysm ith ... C h apter I II .—T H E IN V E S T M E N T O F L A D Y S M IT H , M A F E K IN G , A N D K IM B E R L E Y . Oct. 27-Nov. 1899. The Boers seize the heights dominating Ladysm ith—T he B attle of Farq uh ar's F a rm — W hite withdraws to save the town—T he guns brought off—D ram atic advent of the Bluejackets—Loss of C arleton’s colum n— Neglect of precautions at Ladysm ith—T he town beleaguered—Condition of affairs on the W estern Fron tier— Doubtful attitude of the Schreiner M inistry— First act of w ar—Attempts to capture M afeking— The Boers seize V ryburg — Kim berley isolated—Bom bardment commenced—Storm barg district abandoned by the B ritish — Attitude o f the Cape Dutch C h apter IV .—T H E D E SP A T C H O F T H E A R M Y C O R PS. Oct. 25-Dec. 9, 1899. Dilatoriness of the Governm ent—Full notice to the enemy— M obilisation begins—Sm all proportion of c iv a lry — Loyal action of the Colonies—T he greatest Expeditionary Force ever sent over seas— Em barkation of the troops—Food supplies—T he voyage out— T he plan of cam paign—Character of the country—N ew tactics required — Despatch of the Fifth and Sixth Divisions ... C hapter V.—T H E B E G IN N IN G O F T H E A D V A N C E IN N A T A L A N D C A P E CO LO N Y. Oct. 30-Dec. 14, 1899. Natal threatened— Armoured train s—Ladysm ith bombarded— Assault on the town—The Boers at C hieveley— .Arm oured train wrecked near Chieveley— Endeavours to clear the obstruction— Capture of M r. W inston C hurchill—T he Estcourt garrison in danger— Shelling of Mooi R iver C am p—Boer advance checked at N otting­ ham R oad—T h e W illow Grange fight— A rrival of Lord Dundonald and General B uller— Com parison of the opposing arm ies—T h e forward movement b egins—Boer position at Colenso— Buller determines to attack ... C h apter V I.— T H E F IR S T B A T T L E O F C O LE N SO . Dec. 15, 1899. The battle begins—Bom bardm ent of Fort W ylie— Artillery pushed forward— T he Boers open fire—T he guns abandoned— General H art’s position—T h e Dublin Fusiliers attempt to ford the Tugela—T h eir retirem ent ordered — Failure to carry Hlangwane— Advance of H ildyard’s Brigade— General withdrawal ordered— Death of L ieu ­ tenant Roberts— Guns and men captured by the B oers— Retirem ent effected in good order— Our losses— Scarcity of water—B ravery of the Arm y M edical C orps— Im pressions of an eye-witness— Arm istice— A day of blunders C h apter V II.—T H E B A T T L E O F S T O R M B E R G . Nov. 2-Dec. 10, 1899. M istakes of the Boer G enerals—B ritish withdraw from Naauwport and Storm berg— General G atacre takes command— Advance of the B oers—Omnibus Horses for the A rtillery— Conditions of successful attack— G atacre moves upon Storm berg— T h e forces detrain at Molteno— T he wrong road taken—T h e column surprised— T he fight— Fatigue of the B ritish troops— A gun abandoned— Order to retreat given—T h e dead and wounded left— N arrow escape of the armoured train— T h e return to Molteno— British losses— Disastrous results— T he Boers seize Colesberg— B ritish re-occupy N aauwpoort— A rrival of General F ren ch ... C h apter V III.— L O R D M E T H U E N ’S A D V A N C E . Nov. 10-23, 1899. Lord Methuen takes charge of the W estern Cam paign— Reconnaissance towards Belm ont— H eavy loss of officers— Lord Methuen reinforced— Advance to Fincham 's Farm — B ritish victory at Belm ont— C haplain H ill’s bravery— Contraventions of usages of war— Boers retreat— Frontal attack criticised— Lord Methuen congratulates the troops C h a p te r IX .— L O R D M E T H U E N ’S A D V A N C E — continued. Nov. 23-Dec. 2, 1899. M arch to Swinks Pan— Advance of Ninth Brigad e—Battle of Enslin— Bom bardm ent of the B oer position— Reinforcem ents sent for— T he Bluejackets and M arines take the kopje—B ritish losses— T he Queen congratulates the N aval Brigade— Boer losses— Lack of water at Enslin— Lord Methuen’s address to the troops— M arch to Klok- fontein— Lord M ethuen's available forces— T h e Boers in force at the Modder R iver— Disposition of troops— Scene of the battle— Boer preparations—B attle of the Modder— T he torture of thirst— Sleep during battle— A rrival of an additional Field B attery— Attem pts to cross the river— Retreat of the Boers— Com parison of B ritish and Boer losses—B ritish artillery fire— Characteristics of the fighting— T he Boers fire on the Red Cross— Conduct of the Free Staters impugned— K ru ger’s remonstrances 3 -16 17-34 35-56 57-69 70-89 90-109 110 -12 9 130 -14 4 145-171
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