The King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions, His Majesty's Naval Service Vol. I, Articles, 1943

1996 CHAP. LVI—PENSIONS GRATUITIES ETC.—MEN If alternative (c) is chosen the Director of Navy Accounts is to be informed, -and the pensioner should apply to him for payment of the arrears at the end of the period of re-employment. (The arrear? would be payable to the pensioners legal personal representative in the event of his death.) 3. Reports of death of pensioners re-employed.—The mans pension number is to be quoted in the telegraphic report sent to the Admiralty in accordance with Article 1135. (The prompt receipt of such report is relied upon to prevent over­ payments where pension is paid as at (b)in clause 2.)4. Pensioners who are in receipt of naval pensions for injury or disability and who re-enter the Royal Navy or re-enlist in the Royal Marines (see 394) in order to qualify for along service pension will cease to receive their pensions as from the date of re-entry or re-enlistment (except the “disablement” element in pensions awarded by the Ministry of Pensions). The pension will be reassessed on the man’s total service on final discharge. The question of resuming payment of the “disable­ment” element where this has been suspended will be decided by the Admiralty on the merits of each case. 4a. Pensioners maybe permitted to draw their pensions while employed as civilians in fleet or civil establishments under the Admiralty. 5. No pensioner is to be retained after the age of 60.1997. Re-entry of Invalided Men.—All men invalided from the Service whose re-entry is approved (Article 394) must produce their invaliding or pension certificates at the time of their re-entry to the Captain and the Medical Officer of the ship in order that their cases maybe fully known and if they neglect to do so. or be wholly incapable or whose age shall not exceed 55 years are liable to forfeit claim to pension for subsequent service. 1998. Documents of Pensioners Re-entering.—All pensioners on re-entering the Service are to be required to produce their pension identity certificates showing the period up to which their pensions are paid in order that when they may not be allowed to receive their pensions while serving any pa3ment for a period beyond the date of their re-entry maybe charged against their pay in the ledger and a report of the same having been done is to be sent by the Captain of the ship to the Director of Navy Accounts. 1999. Pensioners required to serve when Called Out.— Pensioners who shall not be wholly incapable or whose age shall not exceed 55 years are liable to forfeit their pensions and to be apprehended and punished as deserters for neglecting to attend at such port or place and at such time as during war orin prospect of war, orin any emergency shall be appointed for the assembling of pensioners by the Admiralty or by neglecting or refusing to serve His Majesty in such manner as to the Admiralty may seem proper and except when such neglect to appear or such neglect or refusal to serve shall be accounted for by an excuse which is admitted by the Admiralty to be reasonable. See Appendix X I I I a (Effect r f Alienage on Pension). 2000. Entry of Civil Pensioners.—No civil pensioner is to be entered without permission from the Admiralty. 2001. Widows etc.—Pensions allowances and gratuities to the widows children, and certain other dependent relatives of deceased Naval ratings and Royal Marines who are killed or drowned in the service of the Crown or who die as the result of wound injury or disease directly attributable to the conditions of service are payable at the rates and subject to the conditions laid down from time to time by Order in Council. Printed under the Authority of His M a je sty 's Sta tio m k k v O m iu u By C. Tinting &Co. Ltd. ool Liveri London and Present Vt't:U2(l 12.44 CT&CoLtd. Gp396.
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