The King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions, His Majesty's Naval Service Vol. I, Articles, 1943

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USE OF THE KINGS REGULATIONS AND ADMIRALTY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Caro is to bo taken when using the Kings Regulations and Admiralty Instruc­tions invariably to refer to the latest list of amendments as explained below. 2. Formal amendments are promulgated as K.R. and A.I. Amendments in a K.R. serias of Admiralty Fleet Orders published periodically and are indicated in the following manner :—(?)Matter not previously promulgated in K.R. and A.I. Amendments and portions of the Regulations that are altered and re-enacted are underlined or scored in the margin. (?)Deletions are indicated thus |or by a direction to delete the portions of the Regulations affected. (c) Asterisks before or after a portion of an Article or Appendix that is amended indicate that the preceding or following portions of the Article or Appendix are unaffected by the current amendment. (d) The notations in brackets that appear after amendments show the reference number and year of the papers on which the changes are made and the number of the K.R. and A.I. Amendments issue. The reference numbers of papers are for ofiice use only. 3. A cumulative list of all formal amendments and of other Admiralty Fleet Orders that amend amplify or define the Regulations is published in each issue of K.R. and A.I. Amendments. 4. On grounds of urgency or for special reasons decisions affecting the King’s Regulations and Admiralty Instructions maybe published in Admiralty Fleet Orders other than the K.R. series prior to issue as formal amendments. A list of these amendments is contained in Volume II page 400 of this edition. 5. K .R.and A.I. Amendments are published in separate sections for Volumes I and II and care is to betaken to retain the relevant sections until the Volume they affect is reprinted. (.An Index is published to the Kings Regulations and Admiralty Instructions.
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