Ocean Front, The Story of the War in the Pacific 1941-44

SIAM 4 Far North : The Aleutians 5 Central Pacific: The Battle Fleet Strikes ... 42 6 Closing in : The Philippines ISSUED BY THE MINISTRY OF INFORMATION Crown Copyright Reserved empire : and then, with all the parts falling into place, the invasion of the Philippines two and a half years after the surrender of Bataan. It is the story of a war fought against the most romantic background in the world : the swaying, tropical palm trees, now gashed, splintered forests ; the quiet islands, now ravaged by bomb and shell ; the blue lagoons and white beaches, now stained with blood ; fought to the south in the steaming jungles of New Guinea, to the north upon the black and freezing Aleutian outposts. But one essential part of the long front against Japan is not touched in this book—the war in Burma, where the forces of South-East Asia Command, primarily British, are fighting the campaign that has become one of Japan's largest military commitments. That story is told else­ where. In this book, issued by the British Ministry of Information, the story is of Americans, of Australians and New Zealanders, hardly at all of fighting men from Britain. It is a book dedicated to those who fight far away from the main British forces : 12,000 miles away, yet close by their side. THE DEEP ALLIED ADVANCE FROM THE OUTER TO INNER LINE IS THE STORY OF THIS BOOK JAPANESE OAINS WERE MADE IN 90 DAYS MIDWAY MIDWAY : BON INS FORM OSA Pearl H arbour'*, k WAKE E~.19.H1 WAKE MARIANAS PHILIPPINES MARSHALLS MARSHAtLS MALAY StAIES ^GILBERTS GILBERTS' V vSO L O M O N S SO L O M O N S »S ] W 19421 TIMOR Limit of Japanese C onquest _ Allied A dvance by Nov. 1944
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