Ocean Front, The Story of the War in the Pacific 1941-44

MIDWAY BO N INS FORM OSA .W A K E /MARIANAS PHILIPPINES MARSHALLS ^G ILB ER TS vSO L O M O N S * > > VV TIMOR Distances in Statute M iles IUPPINES M p lU C C A S '?TIMOR ENEMY FOROE8 FANNED OUT FAST. THE MAIN BON INS FORM OSA MARIANAS; London : His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1945. Price Is. Od. net. S.O. Code 70-462* Printed by Harrison and Sons, Limited, London THE STORY OF THE WAR 1 Turning P o in t: Corai Sea and Midway ... 6 2 The Campaign in New Guinea ................12 * 3 The Capture of the Solomons ................23 This book tells the story of the war against Japan on the sea and island battlefields of the Pacific and in the skies above it. It is the story of a great war : vast in its dis­ tances, for the whole stretch of Europe from Lisbon to the Urals is shorter than the ocean span from Tokyo to Pearl Harbour ; imposing in the magnitude of the forces engaged ; long in duration, for it is now in its fourth year. It is the story of an intensely dramatic war, opening with the shattering treachery of Pearl Harbour, the stroke which in one morning gave Japan command of the Central and Western Pacific ; then moving on to the long Allied holding action—the battles of Coral Sea and Midway, the nerve-racking struggles in Papua and Guadalcanal to stave off Japanese victory. Its climax is the astonishing Allied countcr-offcnsive : the slow, painful beginning in the Solomons and New Guinea ; the quickening pace : the sudden reappearance of the United States Pacific Fleet, striking due west from Pearl Harbour like a giant restored, breaking open the Japanese island 1
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