My Wartime Memories, W.S Ward Gunner, 484 searchlight Battalion R.A

T The toilet was a hole in the field with a tent over it. The hole lasted about two or three weeks and then we had to dig another. As for bathing we went down to the village once a week to one of several houses that had been prepared from the start by the Army. I went to the same house every time. We stayed around Bridgend and Cardiff until April Mayor 1940 and then moved to Swansea about fifteen miles from home. We had not seen much of what had been known as the forgotten war but then came Dunkirk and the war got closer. I was on a site on Fairwood Common before the R.A.F. made an airfield there. Then we saw some action. The Germans bombed Swansea and did a lot of damage. They hit the oil works at Llandarcy and a large amount of oil went up in smoke. One night they overcame and dropped a lot of leaflets of Hitlers speech to the Reichstag W.S. Ward 1940 ^gm y Ju 1940 -A Last Appeal To Reason" but they missed Swansea and most of the papers fell on Fairwood Common. The next morning an officer came around and told us to pick them up and burn them -needless to say I kept one and still have it. By then we had gone from being Royal Engineers to Royal Artillery. We were the 484 Searchlight Battery Royal Artillery. 3
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