The Treatment of Prisoners of War in England and Germany

Signor Giolitt before the Italian Chamber of Deputies on 5tb December «1014. The preface furnishes n tentative guide to a ~\on of tho various Official Documents and to their value :i3 i. .hole and a list is given of t!i :principal persons mentioned in the Correspondence showing their official positions. Price in paper boards with backcloth \i post free Is. -id. COMMITTEE OH ALL E GEL GERM A it OUTRAGES appointed by H isM ajesty's Government and nresided ever by Thk Right Hon .VISCOUNT BRYCE O .M.Ac. *c.> formerly British Ambassador at Washington. U liPO R T .Warrant of Appointment. Introductory Observations. Part 1. Conduct of German Troops in Belgium .Part II. Breaches of Rules and Usages of War and Acts of Inhumanity in Invaded Territories. 1. Treatment of the Civil Population:— Killing of Non-Combatants Treatment of Women and Children Use of Civilians us Screens Looting Burning and Destruction of Property. 2. Offences against Combatants: —Killing the Wounded or Prisoners Firing on Hospitals Abuse of the Red Cross and tho White Flag. Conclusions. With two Maps Cd. 7894 of Session 101-1-15. Price Gd. post free l^d. A p pen dix .Depositions by Belgian French and British eye-witnesses of the Murder Rape Arson Pillage 4 c .by German Troops in Belgium and France. Extracts from diaries and papers taken from German corpses or prisoners of war with reproductions of photographs of some of those documents. Copies of Proclamations issued by the Germans. Convention concerning the Laws and Customs of W aron Land (Second Peace Coiiference held at the Hague in 1907— Section II. Of Hostilities. Section Ilf. Military Authority over the Territory of the Hostile State). Depositions taken and Papers forwarded by Professor Morgan. fCd. 785)") of Session l'JM-15. Price Is. 9d. post free 2s. Id. The above have been reproduced in 8ro. size viz. :—Re i'Ou t .Price 3d. post free 4hi. A p pen dix .Price (id. post free Od. A cheap reprint of the Report in smaller type without Maps, in obtainable. Price Id .post free 2d. VIOLATION OF THE RIGHTS OF NATIONS AND OF THE LAW SAND CUSTOMS OF WAR IN BELGIUM .Reports of the Official Commission of the Belgian Government. Preface by Monsieur -I.Van Den H euvel Minister of State. Names of the Commission of uiry. Kix Reports Nos. 1 to 12 of tho Commission 'with Illustrations. Appendix:— Instructions to Belgian Authorities issued on lih August 101-1 and Advice to Civilians Extracts from the Pastoral Letter of His Eminence Cardinal Merc.ier Archbishop of Malines. Primate of Belgium .Price (id. posl free Hid. PROTEST BY THE BELGIAN GOVERNMENT against the German allegation that Belgium had forfeited her Neutrality before the Outbreak of War. Price Id. post free 1 hi.
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