Memorial Register, United Kingdom 669-710, The War Dead of The Commonwealth 1939-1945, Lancashire Part III

NEWSHAM Sto. tho mas Arthur LT/KX. 107522. R.N. Patrol Service. H.M.S. Gunner. 20th August 1944. Age 24. Son of Thomas Joseph and of Edith Mary Newsham of Ansdell. Sec. A. Grave 124. PARKINSON Gnr. nor man 11421031.158 Bty. (M) H.A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery. 15th July 1945. Sec. D.C. of E. Grave 2. ROSBOTHAM Sgt. (Pilot /T)U franc is\ TOSEPHi 758059. R.A.F. fV.RA 28th August. 1940. Age 26. Son of Joseph and Alice Beckett Rosbotham of St. Annes-on-Sea husband of Hope Mary Rosbotham. Sec. D. Nonconformist. Grave 32. VERITY Pilot Offr. (Obs.) richard lawrence ,85279. R.A.F. 29th November 1940. Age 26. !Son of Walter Henry and Edith May Verity of /St. Annes-on-Sea. B.A. (Leeds). Sec. C.C. ofE. Grave 123. i WALDEN Fit. Sgt. (Air Gnr.) Gordon Fit z ­gerald 402117. R.N.Z.A.F. 256 (R.A.F.^) Sadn. /] 26th February 1942. Age 26. Son of Richard and Ada Evelyn Walden husband of Vera Olive Walden. Sec. D. Nonconformist. Grave 730. WALTERS Pilot Offr. (Pilot) robert ralph ,144462. R.A.F. (V.R.). 198 Sqdn. 26th May 1943. Age 20. Son of Leonard Ralph and Anne Kathleen Walters of Matfield Kent. Sec. D. Nonconformist. Grave 733. WATSON Sgt. (Air Bomber) john edwin ,1097953. R.A.F. (V.R.). 14th December 1942. Sec. D. Nonconformist. Grave 732. WESTHEAD Pte. robert 3597597. 2/6th Bn. The South Staffordshire Regt. 29th May 1944. Age 34. Son of William and Selina Westhead of Lytham St. Annes. Sec. A.R.C. Grave 125. WILLIAMS Fit. Sgt. (Air Gnr.) edward vivian ,746874. R.A.F. (V.R.). 256 Sqdn. 4th November 1941. Age 21. Son of Edward John and Mary Williams of Southend-on-Sea Essex. Sec. D. Nonconformist. Grave 727. WOOD Sgt. (Air Gnr.) albert douglas 401819. R.N.Z.A.F. 256 (R.A.F.) Sqdn 8th April 1941. Age 24. Son of Norman Cecil and Violet May wood of~HelensvilIe Auckland New Zealand. Sec. D. Nonconformist. Grave 723. LYTHAM (ST. CUTHBERT) CHURCHYARD LYTHAM ST. ANNES (Index No. U .K .708) ALMOND Sub-Lieut. eric(A) roy. R.N.V.R. 3rd October 1943. Age 20. Son of William and Norah Kathleen Almond of Lytham. Row 18. Grave 3. BARLOW Flying Offr. frank 111672. R.A.F. (V.R.). 5th April 1944. Husband of Annis Mary Barlow of Ansdell Lytham. Row 22. Grave 3. DOUGLAS L. Sjt. alan 3528950.183 Bty., 65 H.A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery. 20th May 1941. Age 30. Son of George Frederick and Adeline Mary Douglas husband of Alma Douglas, of Northenden. Row 29. R. Plot. Grave 681. LEIGH Junr. Cdr. e l e a nor .Aux .Territorial Service. 1st June 1943. Age 31. Daughter of William Adam and Eleanor Annie Margaret Leigh, of Lytham. Row 16. Grave 1. W ILKIN A.C.2 william 1028763. R.A.F. (V.R.). 10th March 1941. Row 36. R. Pint. Grave 28. LYTHAM (ST. JOHN THE DIVINE) CHURCHYARD LYTHAM ST. ANNES (Index No. U .K .709) HARDMAN A.C.2 allan 628360. R.A.F. 38 Sqdn. 5th November 1939. Age 18. Son of Thomas and Jane Hardman of Lytham St. Annes. Grave 3. North of West door. ROWLAND Ord. Sea. george Arthur P/JX. 555842. R.N. H.M.M.T.B. 457. 27th August 1944. Row 6 from S.E. corner. Grave 18. LYTHAM (ST. PETERS) ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY, LYTHAM ST. ANNES (Index No. U .K .710) McGARRY Pte. clement Step hen 2934423. Army Catering Corps. 9th January 1944. Age 27. Son of John Patrick and MaryEllen McGarry, of Lytham. Grave 250. ROGERSON Pilot Offr. (W. Op./Air Gnr.) JOHN TURNER 156417. R.A.F. (V.R.). 427 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn. 3rd October 1943. Age 33. Son of Rudolph and Fanny Rogerson husband of Gladys Gertrude Rogerson of Lytham. Grave 268.85(29776) Wt.P.l2042/405 2509/61 C.P.Ltd. 999/226
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