Memorial Register, United Kingdom 669-710, The War Dead of The Commonwealth 1939-1945, Lancashire Part III

There are no less than 6891 casualties of the 1939-1945 War buried or commemorated in 434 different cemeteries and churchyards (352 of which also contain 1914-1918 War graves) and 4 crematoria in the county. They are classified on page viii. Four soldiers and one airman belonging to the United Kingdom forces and one soldier of the Canadian forces whose graves could not be marked by headstones are commemorated by special memorials type in“A” the cemeteries wherein they rest. The civilians mentioned in the footnotes to the classification were ex-servicemen who were buried in War Grave Plots or groups of war graves although their death was not due to war service. The Auxiliary Fire Service and Air Raid Precautions were purely civilian organizations but the Home Guard Air Transport Auxiliary Air Training Corps and the Pilotage Authority Mersey Docks and Harbour Board were civilian organizations recognized by the Armed Forces and their members graves rank as war graves. The Home Guard needs no description but the others are less widely known. Air Training Corps had its roots in the Air Defence Cadet Corps a voluntary organ­ization informed 1938 under the auspices of the Air League of the British Empire, which had school units and “open” or local units allover the country. The A.D.C.C. was officially recognised by the Air Ministry but its officers served on Air League commission without remuneration or expense allowances cadets purchased their own uniforms and training quarters and facilities were paid for by private subscriptions. Training pro­ grammes were laid down by the Air League. When die Air Training Corps was established by Royal Charter in February 1941, almost all the Air Defence Cadet Corps units and many of their officers were overtaken as they existed and were made Founder Units of the Air Training Corps. The officers were given authentic commissions in the Training Branch R.A.F.V.R. although neither they nor the cadets in this new voluntary and part time corps were strictly embodied in the Services. At its peak the Corps was some 200000 strong and a great and devoted body of men numbering nearly 30000 provided the officers and instructors. This invaluable organization has continued since the war under the control of the Air Ministry and its separate identity—the Air Training Corps—has been preserved. Except for civilian members (mostly technical instructors) the graves of all who died while on training duties during the war rank as war graves. Air Transport Auxiliary was originally informed September 1940 at the instigation of the Director-General of Civil Aviation for communication purposes using light aircraft. Its aircrews were recruited among professional and amateur pilots ineligible, for health or age reasons for service with the Royal Air Force. Its functions however, were quickly expanded to include the ferrying of aircraft from factories and main­tenance units to the squadrons and storage units. Ultimately it overtook from the R.A.F. Ferry Command the whole of the ferrying duties within the United Kingdom. In less than a year control of the A.T.A. passed to the Ministry of Aircraft Production, for whom it was administered by the British Overseas Airways Corporation and
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