Memorial Register, United Kingdom 669-710, The War Dead of The Commonwealth 1939-1945, Lancashire Part III

THE INDEX TO THE REGISTERS OF THE GRAVES Index N o. Page Lancashire Mental Hospital Cemetery, Whittingham* U.K. 669 1 Lancaster Cemetery* U.K. 670 1 Lancaster (St. Peter) Roman Catholic Cathedral Cemetery U.K. 671 2 Lancaster (Scotforth) Cemetery* U.K. 672 2 Lancaster (Skerton) Cemetery* U.K. 673 3 Lathom (St. James) Churchyard, Ormskirk* U.K. 674 4 Leek (St. Peter) Churchyard U.K. 675 4 Lees Cemetery* U.K. 676 4 Leigh Cemetery* U.K. 677 5 Lever Bridge (St. Stephen and All Martyrs) Churchyard, Bolton* U.K. 678 7 Leyland (St. Andrew) Churchyard* U.K. 679 7 Leyland (St. Mary) Roman Catholic Churchyard Lindale (or Lindale-in-Cartmel) (St. Paul) Churchyard, Upper U.K. 680 7 Allithwaite* U.K. 681 8 Littleborough (Dearnley) Cemetery* U.K. 682 8 Little Lever Congregational Chapelyard* U.K. 683 8 Little Lever (St. Matthew) Churchyard* U.K. 684 8 Litde Marsden (St. Paul) Churchyard, Nelson* U.K. 685 8 Liverpool (Allerton) Cemetery* U.K. 686 9 Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery* U.K. 687 26 Liverpool (Anfield) Crematorium U.K. 687a 51 Liverpool (Everton) Cemetery* .. .......................... U.K. 689 53 Liverpool (Ford) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Ford* U.K. 690 54 Liverpool (Kirkdale) Cemetery* U.K. 691 63 Liverpool (Lingfield Road, Broad Green) Jewish Cemetery* .. U.K. 692 69 Liverpool (Long Lane) Jewish Cemetery U.K. 693 69 Liverpool (Toxteth Park) Cemetery* U.K. 694 70 Liverpool (Walton) Hebrew Burial Ground* U.K. 695 72 Liverpool (Walton Park) Cemetery* U.K. 696 72 Liverpool (West Derby) Cemetery* ...................................... U.K. 697 73 Liverpool (Yew Tree) Roman Catholic Cemetery* U.K. 698 79 Longridge (St. Lawrence) Churchyard* U.K. 699 82 Longridge (St. Wilfrid) Roman Catholic Churchyard* U.K. 700 82 Longton (St. Andrew) Churchyard* U.K. 701 82 Longton (St. Oswald) Roman Catholic Churchyard* U.K. 702 83 Lower Darwen (St. James) Churchyard, Blackburn* U.K. 703 83
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