The Times, Wednesday 11th March 1931

r * N°. 45,768' LATE LONDON EDITION LONDON, WEDNESDAY Cheques, Postal ana Money Orders should be made payable to “ The Times “ and crossed “ Barclays Bank Limited.” Hank Notes should be sent always by registered post. A ll advertisements should be addressed to the Advertisement Department, Printing House-square, London, E X 'A . Telephone : Central 2001 T H E T IM E S , Wednesday, March 11. 19*31 The C H A RG E for A N N O U N C E M E N T S of B IR T H S , M A R R IA G E S , and D E A T H S (authenticated by name and 'permanent address of the sender) is O N E G U IN E A for three lines or less and F IV E S H IL L IN G S for each additional line of about six words. T 1> e C H A RG E for IN M E M OR I A M N O T IC E S is T W ELV E S H IL L IN G S and S IX P E N C E for three lines or less and T H R E E S H IL L IN G S and S IX P E N C E for every additional line. A special rate for five and ten, years' automatic insertion may be obtained on applica­ tion., I n order to avoid incorrect quotations in “ Death ” and “ In M em oriam” announcements senders arc asked to indicate their origin. In the cast¦ of modern verse the author's permission should first be obtained. A nnouncements way be sent to “ The Times ” Office, Printing House-square, London, E.C A , to “ The Times ” Bureau, 72, Regent-street, London, W .l, to “ The Times ” Book Club, 42, Wigmore- street, London, W .l, or to the Bureau du Times, 2, Chaussee d’Antin, Paris. For Classified Advertisement Index see last column of this page. Forthcoming Marriages in Court Page, Three Guineas for fu e lines or less and Twelve Shillings and Sixpence for each additional line. Subscription rates for “ The Times ” for one yea: £4 11s. Inland, £5 4s. Foreign. BIRTHS B A SH A LL.— On March 7, 1931, at Burbage, Marl­ borough, to A gnes (nee Harden),.wife of C. T. Bashall— a son. B O T T IN G .— On Feb. 28, 1931, at King George V. Hospital, Floriana, Malta, to G race (nee McNally), wife of Captain E. L. B otting, Royal Engineers—a son. B R A D B R O O K E .— On March 7, 1931, at 40, East St. Helen’s, Abingdon, to Sylvia (nee Chapman) and H ugh B radbrqoke—a daughter. B R O C K L E S B Y .— On March 7, 1931, at 38, Lambert - road, Grimsby, to K atherine, wife of D avid L ayton B rocklesby—a daughter. B U L L .— On March 8. 3931, to M argaret (nee Holden), wife of L aweance B ull, of 10, King Edward- road, Rochester— a daughter. D O W N E R .— On .March 9. 1931,‘ at 9. College-hi 1 1 . Shrewsbury, to E ileen [n6e Craig), wife of D r. R eg in ald L. E. D ow n er- —a son. D U N N E .— On March 9, 1931, at. 21, South-street. 'W.l, to Margaret An n, wife of P h ilip R. 11. D unne, lioyaj Horse Guards—a daughter. G U IN N E S S .— On March 10, 1931. in London, to Mr. and the H onble. Mrs. L oel G ujnness— a sou. G U L L IC K .— On March 7, 1931. at a nursing home, Westgate-on-Sea, to K athleen, wife of T. E. G ulliuk, of Turret Court— a son. L A U R IE .— On March 8. 1931, at Fort George, Inverness-shire, the* wife of Ma jo r J. E. L a u rie, The Seaforfch Highlanders—a sou. M A SO N .— On March 9, 1931, at The Cedars, Sand­ hurst, Berks,-to J oyce, wife of Captain R andle Mason— a son. M O W L L .— On March 9, 1931, in a nursing home, to Dr. and Mrs. C. K. Mow ll, of Clapham Park, London — the gift of a daughter. W H IT A K E R .— On March 4, 1931, at a nursing home, to D orothy and Alfred W h itaker, of Prestwick Place, Gerrards Cross— a son. MARRIAGES H A N N A M : C IIA R L E S W O R T H .— On March 7, 3931, at St. Aldelda’s Church. Giggleswiok, Y'orks, by the Rev. H. K. Marsden, assisted by the Rev. T. B. Brocklehurst. Vicar of Giggleswiek. Jo h n P k b c iv a l H an k am, youngest son of Sir. and Mrs. William S. .Hannam of Moor House, Buriey-in-Wharfedale, to B e tty , elder daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. G. lv. C h a rle s w o rtu , of Windyridge, Settle. H IG H F IE L D - JO N E S : R E E D .— On March 10,1931, tif Tettenhail Collegiate Church, by the Rev. W. Goode, < .F., assisted by the Rev. R. A. Giles, C.F., M ajor P. H. H ig h filld-Jones, M.C., 0th Bn.. The South Staffordshire Regiment, T.A., son of Mr. and Mrs. B Hightield-Jones, of Harlech. Merioneth, to M u riel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. R eed, of Newbridge-crescent, Wolver­ hampton. ^ K E R R : D A V Y .— On March 4, 1931, at the Garrison Church of S. Mary of Bethany. Quetta, by the Rev. .R, C. S. Devenish, B.A., Senior Chaplain, J ohn M in d e n K e r r , Royal Artillery, elder son of Sir John Jverr, K.C.S.I.. K.C.7.E., and Lady Kerr, of Fairstead, Ger- rards Cross. Bucks, to J oan P h il ip p a, only daughter of Lieu t en a n t?Colon el P. C. T. D a w . C.M.G., Royal Army Medical Corps, and Mrs. Davy, 106, Pretoria-road, Quetta. (By cable.) ' DEATHS (continued) L A N E .—On March 9, 1931, at 40, Castlebar-road, Ealing, R osa, daughter of the late J ames L ane, of Greenford. aged 92. Funeral service at Christ Church, Ealiner, to-morrow (Thursday), 12 noon. Interment at Greenford Cemetery. L E IG H .— On March 9, 1931, suddenly, Thomas Allen, the beloved husband of A nne L e ig h, of Apple- garth, 65, Beresford-road, Birkenhead, in his 80th year. Service at Christ Church, Claughton, ou Friday next, at 11. Interment at Harpurhey Cemetery, Roehdale- road, Harpurhey, near Manchester, at 2. American and Canadian papers, please copy. LUCAS.— On March 9, 1931, at Iona. Orchard-road, Eastbourne, W il f r id Georoe, twin son of the late B ernard L ucas, D.L., of Hasland Hail* Chesterfield, Derbyshire, aged 64. Funeral Haslaud Church, to­ morrow (Thursday), 12 noon. LY N C H .— On March 9, 1931, at Glascoed, Wrexham, J oseph Athanasius L ynch, son of the late John Lynch, of Glascoed. R.I.P. M cM A ST E R .— On March 8, 1931, at 8, Hillmorton- road, Rugby. N ett a Stewart, the beloved wife of A. C. McM aster, F.R.C.S.Ed. Service at Parish Church, Rugby, to-morrow (Thursday), at 1.45 p.m. No ffowers. M IC H E L L .— On March 9, 1931, at 22, Lansdowue- crescent, London, R oland L. N. Mic h ell, C.M.G., in his 85th year. Funeral, private. M IN E T .— On March 9, 1931, suddenly, afc 48, Gloucester-square, Hyde Park, W.2, Ma r y, wife of W illiam Minet and daughter of the late Joseph Rayner, in her 76th year. No flowers. Cremation at Golders Green to-morrow (Thursday), 3 p.m. M O R R E S .— On March 2, 1931, at Los Angeles, California, Michael R obert Morres, eldest son of the late Rev. Robert Elliot Morres, agfed 65 years. P E A R C E .— On March 9, 1931, at No. 77, Lee-road, Blackheath, S.E.3, J anet J ane P earce, widow of Alfred Pearce, M.I.C.E., aged 65 years. Funeral service at Christ Church, Lee Park, to-morrow (Thursday), at 10.30. P E R M A N .— On March 9, 1931, at 162, W’estbourne- grove, W .ll, Mary P ersian, widow of Sydney Henry Perman, late of Salisbury, in her Seth year. P O O L E .— On March 9, 1931, at St. John’s House, Oxford, E lizabeth JL ane, elder daughter of A ustin L ane and Vera E llen Poole, aged 7. Funeral service in St. Johu’s College Chapel, to-morrow (Thursday), at 10.30. P O R T E R .— On March 9, 1931, at Westminster Bank | House. Ted ding ton. L o u isa, widow of G eo rg e P o r t e r, late of Holly Lodge, Kingston-on-Thames, aged 87. R.I.P. R O B B IN S .— On March 10, 1931, at 32, FitzGeorge- a venue, W .l 4, Sm Alfred F arthing R obbins, dearly loved husband of Ellen Robbins, in his 75tli year. R O G E R S O N .—On March 8, 1931. at “ Denton,” The Avenue, Lewes, A rthur W illia m , beloved husband of E lizabeth R ogerson, aged 72. Funeral a,t St. John's sub-Castro, Lewes, to-morrow (Thursday), at 2.30 (not 2.45 p.m., as previously arranged). R O SS.— On March 8, 1931, in Loiidbu, M a ry, wife of J ohn R oss, of Amatnatua, Ardgay, Ross-shire, after many years of faithful and devoted service in the family of Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Gen era. R U L E .— On March 9,1931. at Nunton. near Salisbury. F rances M ary R ule, of Treverbyn, Warminster, aged 95. Funeral at St. John the Evangelist, Warminster, on Friday, March 13, at 3 o’clock. No flowers, by request. SCOT T .— On March 8, 1931, at Blackheath, Maude Scott, of St. Paticras People’s Theatre, aged 50. Crema­ tion at 1 p.m.. to-morrow (Thursday), at Golders Green. Memorial service at St. Paneras Church at 6.30 p.m., on Monday, March 16. SE W E LL.— On March 8, 1931. Ma rio n, widow of H en ry S ew ell, of 5, Heatlifield-park, N. W.2. Cremation Golders Green, to-morrow (Thursday), 11.30 a.m. S M IT H .— On March 9, 1931, at 1 .T , Maida Vale- mansions, W.9, Cuaklotte Elizabeth Smith, in her 83rd year. S T A M IA M .— On March 10. 1931, at “ Heatlierley,” Copthorne, Crawley, G eorge Gordon Stanham. C.C., aged 74. Funeral at Copthorne, Friday, at 3.30 p.m. Train leaves Victoria for Horley at 1.55 p.m. Friends please accept this, the only intimation. T O W N E N I).— On March 7, 1931, at Sydney, N.S.W., Ethel Mary, wife, of G. W. To w n en d. and elder daughter of the late Dr. F. E. Streeten, of Swindon, Wilts. VALE O W E N .—On March 8, 1931, at Lincoln Lea, Tubbenden-lane, Farnborough, Kent, the Rev. G. V ale Owen. Funeral to-morrow (Thursday), 12, at West Norwood Crematoriiun. W ET H E Y .— On March 6, 1931, at Bourton-on-the- Water, D orothy B lanche Moore, wife of Com. E. H . W etu ey, R.N., O.B.E. PERSONAL I PERSONAL (continued) A F. NELSON. &c.—Nadyeons Ouvidyemsih. _ Dyadouska. [Uncle]. M.F. V. Gib. T HE charge for announcements in the Personal Column is 10s. for two lines (minimum) and 5s. for each addi­ tional line. Trade announcements 25s. for two lines and 12s. 6d. for each additional line. Lost and Found Notices. 2s. 6d. per line (minimum two lines). A line comprises about six words. Private numbers, if added, form part of the advertisement and are charged for. Names and addresses of actual advertisers should accom­ pany . all advertisements, not for publication unless desired, but as a guarantee of good faith. For index to other classifications see columu seven. 3 IB . EDW ARD HUSTED wishes to THANK Rela- A tives and Friends for their expressions of SYM­ PATHY in his great loss. He regrets he is unable to write^ person any. ______ L ECTURE-SLIDES and Negatives of MALAYA.—• LOST large collection left in London 1911 by F. W. Knocker.” Will anyone with knowledge of same please, write Box V.1751. The Times. E.C.4.____________ I GST. believe dropped in Brompton-road on Friday, ^ March 6th, SILK PURSE containing platinum bar brooch with pearl and rubies, also platinum ring with single pearl and diamonds, of great sentimental value; tmder handsomely rewarded.— Write Box H.1732, The Times. E .C.4._________________________________ __________ _ R EGENT’S PARK PROTECTION COMMITTEE — A MEETING will be held at the Portman Rooms. Baker-street (Dorset-street entrance) TO-MORROW (llVrtrsday), at 5 o’clock, for the purpose of consider­ ing:— 1. THE PROPOSED ERECTION OF W INTER GARDENS IN REGENT S PARK. 2. THE FUTURE OF THE GARDENS OF THE ROYAL BOTANIC SOCIETY. 3. THE MOTOR NUISANCE IN THE OUTER CIRCLE. 4. THE EXCLUSION OF THE PUBLIC FROM VARIOUS PORTIONS OF THE PARK. All interested in the preservation of the natural beauty of Regent’s Park for the enjoyment of all sec­ tions of the public are asked to attend.—J. Hutchinson. P.R.C.S.. 1. Park-crescent. W., Hon. Treasurer. Edward Rew, 23. Chester-terrace. N .W .l. Hon Secretary. ^ A GARDEN IS A BATTLEFIELD, a gladiatorial x"Xarena, a place ringing with groans and curses and strong, silent gruntings, a gymnasium of endurance, a cemetery of hopes ”—so says a modern and discerning writer. Now if this can be said, as it can, with truth and aptness, with reference to a garden, wlcat could not be said, with force and freshness, as to the work done by the Royal Hospital and Home for Incurables. Putney? A sum of £00.000 a year is necessary for the relief of 900 sufferers. Please send a cheque.— City Offices: Bond <jourt House. Walbrook. London. E.C.4._______ ______ B USINESS PREMISES ; shops, offices, factories, and showrooms to be let and for sale. This special feature will be found on pages 26 and 27. 4fr r G iv e y o u r s o n t h e l i f e y o u w a n t e d —a nidi's life in South Africa. Every kind of farming with <*heap land, labour, and living. Three years’ free training. Then moderate capital sets him up for life.— Appjy is20 Memorial Settlers’ Association, Dept. T .M .ll, lyt}. Piccadilly. W .l.___________________________________ _ I FRIENDS of the POOR, 42, Ebury-street. S.W .l, plead for 3s. weekly give extra nourishment elderly widow incurable cancer: details given.__________________________ \ STHMA.— Funds are needed to continue the promis­ ing research which is lx;ing carried out by the ASTHMA RESEARCH COUNCIL.—Please send a dona­ tion to Sir Albert Stern. K.B.E., C.M.G., Hon. Treasurer, 14* South-street, London. W .l. K e n y a , n . r h o d e s ia . n y a s a la n d . T a n g a ­ n y ik a . UGANDA and ZANZIBAR GOVERNMENT OFFICE. Royal Mail Building. Cockspur-street. S.W .l. Farming as a career. Settlers and Pupils with necessary capital can be given introduction to farmers in E . Africa. H e l p the B r it is h e m p ir e c a n c e r c a m p a ig n . (President, H.R.H. the DUKE of YORK. K.G.) in trying to advance further discovery of the causes of Cancer and its Cure. Any DONATIONS will be grafce- fully received.—Please remit contributions to Sir Richard Garton, G.B.E., Honorary Secretary, 12. Grosvenor- crcscent. Hyde Park Corner, London. S.W .l. I DANCING — GEM MOUFLET teaches, partners (near J-J Ritz).— 11.Albemarle-street.PICCADILLY. Reg.4629. | f^ O A L FOR FIRELESS GRATES.— Please'remeniber our aged poor this bitter weather. Gifts urgently required.—Rev. J. G. Beauchamp. 1 Mission. 5. Chesterfield-street. Argyle| L IV E ill BRITISH COLUMBIA.—Healthy climateand wonderful scenery Living costs are reasonable, taxation and Succession duties are low. Abundance of sport.— Information Dept. T., Agent-General lor British Columbia, 1-3, Regent-street, S.W .l. Q O U T H FRANCE.— VILLA for SALE ; thi k j tion. five bed rooms, two servants’ rooms rP B O U wilt shew me the path of life: in Thy ] - 1 - sence L s fulness of joy; at Thy right hand tfi are pleasures for evermore.”—Ps. xvi. 11.______ W f l L L I. CARTER, commercial traveller, late Notti t y #am. write Eddie, Box H.172G. The Times, E.C. f CHARLES FREDERICK BALLS, deceased, of ' vv Fountain Hotel, Garratt-lane, Tooting. Surrey Will any person having or knowing of a W ILL of deceased please communicate with Messrs. Hunt S S o.icitors, 9, New-square, Lincoln’s Inn. W.C.2 ? 1 ANATOLE BOUDO, gi/e notice tJbat I have b . • granted EXEMPTION by the SECRETARY STATE under Section 7 (7) of the Aliens Restrict (Amendment) Act, 1919, in respect of the adoption business purposes of the name “ J. Roussel— Londoi L A DUCHESSE BLANCHE LA < GRANDE DE S J> , TROUVILLE will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for r DEBTS INCURRED in her name WITHOUT'her P i SONAL O RD ER.____________________________________ R UBBER Shareholders.— Meeting convened Pillar H Caimon-street Hotel, Monday next at 2.30 p Object, open discussion on following subjects:—Du cooperation or Economic' WA R : Responsibility of Dii tors: Value and Limitations of Rubber Growers’ Asscx tion; Futility of Shareholders* Associations; Manui turers and price fixing of rubber Tyres; Protection nee< to prevent dumping only.— For Reserved Seats « stamped addressed envelope to " CONVENOR,” care Box R.620, The Times, E.C.4. D R. BARNARDO’S HOMES g-atcfully ACKNO LEDGE an ANONYMOUS GIFT of .'*200. and U thank the donor heartily in the name cf over 8,( children. Gifts are always welcome, for 24,000 me have to be provided daily for this great larnily. Chequ &c., payable Dr. Barnardo’s Homes, and crossed. ; dressed Dr. Barnardo's Homes, 31, Barnardo Hou Steptiey-causeway, E .l. M o t o r t o u r to v ie n n a . the t\;r o l , bla- FOREST. and RH IN E. Ladies’ orivate ROL1 ROYCE, ONE SEAT AVAILABLE. £80 inclusive class accommodation, London to London.— Write i 0364, The Times, 72. Regent-street. W .l. B i t i n g w in d s , s n o w , e m p ty g r a t e s , eo and HUNGER.—THE POOREST cf Lhe POOR, w their LOW ERED VITALITY, are -uffering acut< PLEASE HELP US to give coals, boot,:, food, and clo ing.— William Wilkes, Secretary, FliSLD-LANE ] STITUTION (Founded 1841), Vine-street. Cierkenw road, London. E.C.I.______________ ___________________ C OLLECTOR wishes U. PURCHASE privat FRENCH PORTRAIT PRINTS of the 17th ;i early 18th Centuries; will pay high prices for good six mens .-'-Reply Box 51. L.P.D.. 1 iO. St.. Martin Vlane.W R e m e m b e r s t. th o m a s s h o s p it a l, lo n d c has been a help to the sick and suffering for ' years. Will YOU be a help T3IJS Y E A ll by becom an annual subscriber of £2 2.. or more ? ________ I^M PLOYM ENT IS BETTER THA N iV AHITY.—: F * this advertisement. ’ BUSINESS OFFERS,” this. page. K OYAL SURGICAL ATD SOCIETY-— The Conimiti ' gratefully ACKNOWLEDGE ,!.c RECEIPT of £ from the Peabody Donation Fund, and of £21 from t Worshipful Company of Dyers, and appeal to t charitable on behalf of many afflicted and crippled pc persons in immediate need of suitable surgical applianc —Contributions will be gladly received by the Secrctai at the offices of the Society, Salisbury-square. Fie street. E.C. 4. Bankers: Barclays Bank (Goslii: Branch). 19. ITe'CtrStrcet. VOLUNTARY PENSR k 'ensiotf \ TOLUNTARY PE NV i« . > ' - ' — i'ciisi&tt I " may hi ? something to advanta-r* l y Communicating w British Taxpayers* Association, Grand Buildin Trafalgar-square. London. f ^ U Y ’S HOSPITAL, .SE.l. URGENTLY NEE1 T HELP. TOTAL \NNTAL EXPENDITU1 £190.000. ENDOWED INCOME ONLY £67,000. S OLICITOR, 29. Public S« nool. desire POSITION wi view to Partnership, or would consider purchase succession; ampb capital available.— Write Box H.lOi r l’lie Times. E.C.4. ------ A 7OUR DISCARDED CLOTHES or anything elre y Jf can spare, such as book.-. toj>. ornaments, furnitu and donations, will be gratefully received.—Dockla Settlements, 3. Streets-mow?, Alford-street. W .l. IN MEMORIAM ON ACTIVE SERVICE ECCLES.— In memory of my beloved husband, II. N O R W A Y H E A T O N .— On March 7 1931 at ' NrsBET E ccles, Temp. Capt., R.A.M.C., who died on . c.r, March 11, 1923, from illness due to War servicc. Bromley Parish Church, Nk.vil Shuti:, sole surviving i son of ]V Ir. and Mrs. A. H am ilton N orw ay, Le Clos du Ruisseaux, Territet, to Du. Frances M ary, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B ernard H eaton, 8, Pine- wood-road, Bromley, Kent. R O B E R T S O N : R E E S .— On March 10, 1931. at Holv 'J'rinity, Brompton, A lexan der Cockburn R obertson to Am y D orothy R ees. S M E L L IE : ST EPH EN S.— On March 7, 1931. at the Parish Church, Gorleston, by the Rev. Philip II. R O SS.—In love and honour to the dear memory of W illiam M ln ro R oss. Lieut. 2nd Batt. The Gordon Highlanders, who was killed in action in the attack on Neuvc Chapelle, March 11, 1915. F R E E M A N .—In loving memory of our dear Mother, Alic e H elen J ane F r eem a n,,who died March 11, 1926. P E T T IT T .—In loving memory of E d w a r d P ettitt, of The Corner House, East Sheen, and the Stock memory cf my dear of Worksop Manor, generation, by the 1929. j Alsu of ray three recep- central heating; garage; small garden. 180,000 francs.— Write ' KinVs ( W Cpntnl AU T H O RS’ W ORKS into play form ready stage pi vliWu'fre w V » ’ ^ duction by well-known London playwright : ator :— ir — 1 . - r!— --- - ! dramatized, revised cinema plots, talkies ; Memoi novels, &c.— ^ykes. 26, A \ ’e>tbourne-terrace, Hyde Pai U NWANTED False Teeth urgently wanted for our Dt tal Aid Work.— Ivory Cross, 67a, Welbcck-street.W T AWN TENNIS.—CAP7’. B. S. FOSTER h * VACANCIES for COACHING, hourly or weekly. ng; gara V.1793, The Times. E.C.4. Box rP H E HOSPITAL for SICK GHILDREN, Great X Ormond-street, London. W.C. 1.— H.R.H. the Prince of Wales writes :— “ The wonderful work which this Hospital has done for seventy-eight years is universally recognized, but. if it is to continue, the Buildings must be reconstructed throughout in accordance with modern requirements. Therefore, as President of the Hospital, I. gladly commend this Appeal to the British Public, con­ fident that the cause of our suffering children will meet with ready and generous response.”—Donations to the Reconstruction Fund are urgently needed, and will be giadly received by the Right Honourable Lord Macmillan at the Hospital. T H E Headmaster of a first-class PREPARATORY’ SCHOOL will accept TWO PROMISING BOYS r.exr term at the REDUCED FEES of £100 per annum.—Par­ ticulars write Box II.1656. The Times. E.C.4. 'VTATIONAL ADOPTION SOCIETY (Registered 1917). ^ Only addresses, 4. Baker-sireet. W .l (Weibeck 7211), and West of England Branch. 8. Bennett-strect. Bath. f * p . a M ILE.—LUXURIOUS SALOON CAR. Chauffeur 2 /___________driven.— Bhiir. Mayfair 1382. __ ______ C H ILD R E N ’S HOSPITAL. Paddington Green, London, W\ 2.— ‘ - ‘ Mothering Sunday,” March 15th. Will any generous child lover help ua to instal a new and up-to- date X R StYS APPARATUS by contributing £250 to comp lets the amount retired'? V*hat an opix>rtunity to celebrate this occasion \ Full particulars from the S e c n t ^ r y . _______ C AFVERS FOR vets' is p i- . ] - ¦ NA'tTtl-. TENNIS.—CAPT. B. S. FOSTER sG, hourly or wee H 50. Cambridge-terrace. Hyde Park. W.2. Padd. 1876- ip O L D . ILL. U N D ERFED —THERE IS MUC Vy SUFFERING just now and MUCH ILLNESS in t homes of the VERY POOR. MANY NEED NOUR1SJ VIENT they CANNOT POSSIBLY AFFORD. P>a HELP us to supply Coals, Clothes. Blankets. Food- Address The Secretary. ST. GILES’ CHRISTIAN MI SION and WHEATLEY'S HOMES (Founded 186( Offices. 15. Gray’s Inn-road. London. W.C.l. _ IARENCH LADY (diplomee), honours, gives LESSON: X ’ own simple method ; examinations ; translations. Write Box 6467. The Times, 42, Wigmore-street. W. Q [UAINT ST. JO H N ’S WOOD HOUSE, Grove En road. LEASE for SALE ; 11 years. Rent £14( six bed rooms, three reception : charming gardei Frigidaire, &e.— Write Box 7921, The Times, 42, Wi more-street, W .l, or phone West. 3559. 44 rfU IE SPRING of ETERNAL YOUTH ” is BA X GASTEIN (3,550 feet above sea level). Here t most highly active thermal springs in the world gi youth to the aged and renewed health to all. Mai different illnesses are benefited by tins cure. A ruedi( representative will give detailed information about Bi Gastein, its curative powers and entertainment faeilitie at Cook’s Head Office, Bcrkelev street, W .l, To-d; (Wednesday). Inquiries are invited O PPORTUNITY, owners often ' away.- HOSi OFFERED two business men oi women near Sloan square.— Write Box 6466, The Times, 42, Wigmoi street. W .l. > 9 ' < • i — « ii/JT - V VFAIR.— Unfurnished MA •*ii>NNETT'E t* JL Two bc<5. dressing t v "iVi r »v Tjjrj 4 I 'i O N V in y
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