Memorial Register, United Kingdom 739-805, The War Dead of The Commonwealth 1939-1945, Lancashire Part V

THE INDEX TO THE REGISTERS OF THE GRAVES Index No. Page Nelson Cemetery U.K. 7391 New Bury (St. James) Churchyard Farnworth U.K. 7401 Newchurch Churchyard Golborne U.K. 7412 Newchurch-in-Rossendale (St. Nicholas) Churchyard Rawten- stall U.K. 7422 New Hey (St. Thomas) Churchyard Milnrow U.K. 7432 New Row Methodist Burial Ground Blackburn U.K. 7443 Newton Heath (All Saints) Church Cemetery Manchester* U.K. 7453 Newton-le-Willows Cemetery U.K. 7463 Newton-le-Willows (SS. Mary and John) Roman Catholic Churchyard U.K. 7475 Norden (St. Paul) Churchyard Rochdale U.K. 7485 Northenden (St. Wilfrid) Churchyard Manchester U.K. 7495 North Meols (St. Stephen-in-the-Banks) Churchyard U.K. 7505 Ogden Baptist Chapelyard Milnrow U.K. 7515 Oldham (Chadderton) Cemetery Chadderton U.K. 7525 Oldham (Greenacres) Cemetery U.K. 7538 Oldham (Hollinwood) Cemetery U.K. 75411 Ormskirk (St. Anne) Roman Catholic Churchyard U.K. 75512 Ormskirk (SS. Peter and Paul) Churchyard U.K. 75613 Orrell (St. James) Roman Catholic Churchyard U.K. 75713 Orrell (St. Luke) Churchyard U.K. 75814 Osbaldeston (St. Mary) Roman Catholic Churchyard U.K. 75914 Oswaldtwistle (Immanuel) Churchyard U.K. 76014 Over Kellet (St. Cuthbert) Churchyard U.K. 76114 Overton (St. Helen) Churchyard U.K. 76214 Padgate (ChristChurch) Churchyard Poulton-with-Fearnhead U.K. 76415 Padiham Cemetery U.K. 76515 Padiham (St. Leonard) Churchyard Extension U.K. 76615 Parbold (Our Lady and All Saints) Roman Catholic Churchyard U.K. 76716 Parr (St. Peter) Churchyard St. Helens U.K. 76816 Peel (St. Paul) Churchyard Worsley U.K. 76916 Pemberton (St. John) Churchyard Wigan U.K. 77017 Pendlebury (ChristChurch) Churchyard Swinton and Pendle- bury U.K. 77117 Pendlebury (St. Augustine of Canterbury) Churchyard Swinton .and Pendlebury U.K. 77217 Pendlebury (St. John) Churchyard Swinton and Pendlebury* U.K. 77318 Pendleton-in-Whalley (All Saints) Churchyard Pendleton U.K. 77418 Pendleton (St. Thomas) Churchyard Salford U.K. 77519
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