Memorial Register, United Kingdom 711-738, The War Dead of The Commonwealth 1939-1945, Lancashire Part IV

THE INDEX TO THE REGISTERS OF THE GRAVES I ndex N o. P age Maghull (St. Andrew) Churchyard* U.K. 711 1 Manchester (General) Cemetery* U.K. 712 1 Manchester (Gorton) Cemetery* U.K. 713 1 Manchester New Synagogue Burial Ground, Urm ston*.. U.K. 714 6 Manchester (Philips Park) Cemetery* U.K. 715 6 Manchester Polish Jews’ Cemetery, Urmston* U.K. 716 15 Manchester Southern Cemetery* U.K. 717 17 Manchester Crematorium U.K. 717A 42 Marton (St. Paul) Church Burial Ground, Blackpool* U.K. 719 51 Mawdesley (St. Peter) Churchyard* U.K. 720 52 Mawdesley (SS. Peter and Paul) Roman Catholic Churchyard .. U.K. 721 52 Melling (St. Wilfrid) Churchyard, Melling-with-Wrayton U.K. 722 52 Mellor Methodist Chapelyard* U.K. 723 52 Mellor (St. Mary) Churchyard* U.K. 724 52 Middleton (Boarshaw) Cemetery* U.K. 725 53 Middleton Junction (St. Gabriel) Churchyard, Middleton* U.K. 726 53 Middleton Old Cemetery* U.K. 727 54 Middleton (St. Leonard) Churchyard Extension* U.K. 728 54 Milnrow (St. James) Churchyard* U.K. 729 54 Moorside (St. Thomas) Churchyard, Oldham* U.K. 730 55 Morecambe and Heysham (Hale Carr) Cemetery U.K. 731 55 Morecambe and Heysham (Torrisholme) Cemetery* U.K. 732 55 Mossley Cemetery* U.K. 733 57 Mossley (St. George) Churchyard.................................................. U.K. 734 58 Moston (St. Joseph’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Manchester* U.K. 735 58 Moston (St. Mary) Churchyard, Manchester Much Woolton (St. Mary’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Liver­ U.K. 718 65 pool* U.K. 736 65 Much Woolton (St. Peter) Churchyard, Liverpool* U.K. 737 65 Musbury (St. Thomas) Churchyard, Haslingden* U.K. 738 65 ^Cemeteries and churchyards marked with an asterisk also contain burials of the 1914-1918 War.
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The document titled Memorial Register, United Kingdom 711-738, The War Dead of The Commonwealth 1939-1945, Lancashire Part IV is beneath this layer.

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