Memorial Register, United Kingdom 462-528, The War Dead of The Commonwealth, Lancashire Part I

PATTON Cpl. harry 13050956. Pioneer Corps. 17th January 1946. Age 33. Son of Richard and Annie Patton of Bury husband of Caroline P.D. Patton of Bury. Sec. G.P. 80. Grave 2639. PERRY Flying Offr. (Flying Instr.) tho mas Arthur 126632. R.A.F. (V.R.). 29th January 1943. Age 21. Son of Arthur Thomas Perry and Emily Perry of Blackpool. Sec. D.P. 43. Grave 4506. P IL LING Cpl. tho mas 3714980. R.A.S.C. 31st January 1947. Age 28. Son of Mrs. B.E. Pilling, of Bury husband of Evelyn Pilling of Bury. Sec. H.P. 142. Grave 6320. I PLAT T Pilot OfFr. (Nav.) edward 137558. y R.A.F. (V.R.). 78 Sqdn. 24th August 1943. Age 29. Son of Edward Turner Platt and Emily Jane Platt of Bury. Solicitor. Sec. B.P. 178. Grave 9468. POLLARD Tpr. harry 14723725. 2nd Glider Pilot Regt. A.A.C. 15th October 1944. Sec. H.P. 138. Grave 6493. PRESTW ICK Sjt. a l tum h 3454658. The Lan­cashire Fusiliers. 22nd August 1942. Age 22. Son of Wright Prestwich and of Minnie Prestwich, of Bury. Sec. H.P. 95. Grave 3432. RALPHSON L. Sjt. william edward 3447986. 30th Bn. The Dorsetshire Regt. 29th January 1942. Age 27. Son of Edward and Sarah Ralph- son husband of Hilda Mary Ralphson of Bury. Sec. C.P. 32. Grave 3631. /SMITH L. Cpl. harry D/10832. 6th (H.D.) Bn. The East Lancashire Regt. 20th February 1941. Age 52. Son of Harry and Cicely Smith husband of Betsy Smith of Bury. Sec. D.P. 183. Grave 10118. SMITH A.C.2 harry 1359580. R.A.F. (V.R.). 16th November 1940. Age 28. Son of Tames and MaryAnn Smith husband of Florence Smith of Bury. Sec. E.P. 155. Grave 7885. STANLEY Sgt. william 926597. (W. Op./Air Gnr.") Arthur R.A.F. (V.R.). 30th Tune 1941. Sec. D.P. 182. Grave 10181. STR IC K LAND Cpl. john 2320358. Royal Corps of Signals. 24th October 1942. Sec. B.P. 176. Grave 9152. THOMAS W.O. II. (C.S.M .)peter 3435918. The Lancashire Fusiliers. 21st June 1941. Sec. K.P. 120. Grave 836. W H ITTA LL A.B. robert C /JX .241322. R.N. H.M .S. Oueen of Kent. 13th May 1942. Sec. D.P. 183. Grave 10374. WILLIS Sgt. (Air Gnr.) john F r e derick ,2208994. R.A.F. (V.R.). 57 Sqdn. 19th April 1944. Age 19. Son of Victor William and Ellen Willis of Bury. Sec. E.P. 162. Grave 7451. WOOD Pte. i i o race 13101796. Pioneer Corps. 29th March 1945. Son of James and Maggie Wood husband of Annie Wood of Bury. Sec. H.P. 85. Grave 2586. REDDY A.B. john D /JX .368844. R.N. H.M Drake..S. 3rd February 1946. Age 40. Son of George and Emma Reddy of Woolford Bury husband of Edna Reddy of Woolford Bury. Sec. K.P. 131. R.C. Grave 2184. WOODS Sjt. james 64331. R.A.O.C. 4th May 1944. Age 26. Son of Albert Edward Howard Woods and MaryEllen Woods of Bury. Sec. C.P. 39. Grave 4585. SHAW Pte. harry 3859793. The Loyal Regt. (North Lancashire). 19th May 1940. Sec. A.P. 11. Grave 1258. SLATER Dvr. gil bert john T/282612. R.A.S.C. 25th August 1942. Sec. E.P. 168. Grave 7309. /BURY (ST .PAUL) CHURCH YARD (Index No. U .K .528) M OTBY Sgt. (Pilot) rah old 657927. R.A.F. 8th April 1943. Age 26. Son of Albert Edward Girdlestone Motby and MaryAnne Motby of Bury. Grave 4521.(29776) W t.P .12042/4052508/61 C .P .Ltd .999/22657
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