Manual of Military Law 1914

MANUAL OF MILITARY LAW. PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION. I n July 1879 Colonel the Rt. Hon. F. Stanley (a),M.P. then Secretary of State for War requested the Parliamentary Counsel Office to undertake the work of preparing Rules of Procedure under Section 69 of the Army Discipline and Regulation Act 1879 and also of superintending the preparation of a Manual which should contain an edition of the Act and of the above Rules with notes and form a textbook on Military Law. The work was commenced at once by the Parliamentary Counsel Office. The Rt. Hon. Hugh C.E. Childers M.P. on becoming Secretary of State for War in 1880 approved of the continu­ance of the work and the present book which is the result, was provisionally circulated by his authority and is now issued by the authority of his successor the Rt. Hon. the Marqnis of H artington M.P. (b )Before the Rules of Procedure could bo finally settled, the Army Discipline and Regulation Act 1879 was repealed and replaced by the Army Act 1881 and a complete revision of Section V I (Discipline) of the Queens Regulations 1885, also took place. These changes explain the delay which unavoidably occurred in the completion of the work commenced in 1879. The book contains chapters giving a general view of the Army Act 1881 of the Rules of Procedure and of the his- tor}7 of military law and organisation. Chapters have also been added on collateral matters as the Law of Riot &c., and the Customs of War. These form Part I of the book. The Army Act 1881 and the Rules of Procedure with explanatory notes follow and these with some additional forms &c. complete Part II of the book. Part III contains miscellaneous enactments regulations and forms including the Regimental Debts Act and the regulations made under i t and a sot of forms illustrative of the chapter on the Customs of War. The chapters were written by Sir Henry Thring K.C.B., Parliamentary Counsel (c )Mr. H. Jenkyns C.B. Second Parliamentary Counsel (d) Mr. C. P. Ilbort legal member 1 (a) Subsequently tlie Earl of Derby. (b )Subsequently the Duke of Devonshire. (c) Subsequently Lord Thring K.C.B. ( 2 )Subsequently Sir H. Jenkyns K.O.B. and Parliamentary Counsel. (m.l.) a 27438 2u jo
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