Manual of Military Law 1929, Amendments (No. 12)

OFFICIAL COPY Notified in Army Orders for January 1936 Crown Copyright Reserved 832416 MANUAL OF MILITARY LAW 1929 AMENDMENTS (No. 12) Pages 270-353. Chapter XIV Delete Introductory Note and paragraphs 1-510 and substitute:— CHAPTER XIV. THE LAW SAND USAGES OF WAR LANDON Amdt.J2 Introductory Note. j'an. 1936 .This Chapter as it appeared in the 1914 edition was based on the international declarations and conventions which had been concluded and had come into force up to that time. In these declarations it was foreseen that improvements which science might effect in the armaments of troops would need consideration at seme future date. The Great War intervened introducing new weapons. As a result of the war a great impetus has been given to international conferences for strengthening the edifice of peace and-for deter­mining the laws and usages of war. The circumstances under which war maybe resorted to have been restricted under the Covenant of the League of Nations while war itself except in national defence has been outlawed under the Pact of Paris (Briand- Kellog Pact) of 1928. In addition the Conventions relating to the treatment of Prisoners of War and the Wounded and Sick in Annies in the field were revised in 1929 in the light of experience gained during the Great War whilst the Gas Protocol of 1925 to which the great majority of the States of the world have subscribed, has incorporated in International Law the prohibition of the use in war of gases and bacteriological means of waging war. The present revision of this chapter has been brought up to date by the inclusion of these agreements which have however been ratified as yet by only a limited number of States. Whilst there­fore the chapter does not necessarily represent a code universally accepted it maybe considered as the best guide at present available on the subjects of which it treats.
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