The Tank Corps Book of Honour

HONOURS INDEX— OTHER RANKS Watt F. W. 75 Waugh C.H. 8084 WayS. 287 Weatherall C. G.O. 79 Weatherley E.W .S.,323 Webb J. P. 353 Webber H. 402 Weeks J. 242 Welham A.G. 406 Weston R. 380 Westwater W. 389 Whathall H. 291 Wheeler F.A. 400 Wheelhouse C.E. 83 Whiles T. 326 White F. 246 White H.A. 75 Whitehead A. 281285384 Whitehouse J. 379 Whittaker F. 75 W hittaker J. E. 84 Whybrow F. 328 Wicks P. 382 Wiencke H. J. 77 Wight P. C. 397 Wildman F.A. 336 Wilkinson A. 327 Wilkinson W.E. 250 Williams G. 390 Williams H. 376 Williams J.R. 239 Wills A. 352 Wills T. 83 Wilmers H. 389 Wilson E. 341 Wilson C.H. 362 Wilson J. 343 Winder J. 286 Wingrove F. 282 Winston H.P. 320 Winter G. 274 Witty J. A. 351 Wood A .260 Wood J.R. 379 Woodside W.M. 353 Woodward J. H. 401 Wooster E.A. 83 Wright R. 272309 WrightS. (R.A.M.C.), 293 Wyllie M. 37 Yates H.I. 315374 Young G. 405 Young H. 351 Young Jas. 375 Young John 359 Young H. B. 84 Young S. 254 Young W .275 Printed by Spottiswoode Ballantyne <.Co. Ltd. Colchester London &Eton England
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