British Prisoner of War Camps

PRISONER BRITISH WAR CAMPS PUBLISHED B THEY RED CROSS &ST. JOHN WAR ORGANISATION Cctm pfcm «Mc» Pat r.M i no'W *ra****M 4 CroM tm 4 tarO a i St |«hn Index to Camps GERMANY—AUSTRIA- POLAND Location Map Square eee ••«tM Oflag IV C VII B IX A/H IX A/Z 64-/2 B 20 B.2I Stalags III D IVA IV B IV C DIV Z V B V C VII A VIII B IX C XIII C XVIII A XVIII B X X A X X B X DIX 383 Stalag Luft I Ill ..VI Dulag Luft Marlag und Mllag N ord ••• Colditz E...•a# 5 Eichstaett aaa a• a D 8 Spangenberg •••C 6 Rotenburg eee •••C 6 Montwy Hohensalsa H 3 Heydebreck ••••••H 6 •••a#•••H 6 Berlin Steglitz ••Ea••• 4 Hohenstein F••••a• 6 Muhlburg ...•a* •••ES W istrltz ... aae • a a E 6 Annaburg a E••••a• 6 Villigen ...««•B 9 Offenburg a a*••*B 8 Moosburg a••• e•D 8 Lamsdorf ...••••••.H 6 Bad Suiza ... aaa •••D 6 Hammelburg •99999 C 7 Wolfsberfc •99999 F 10 W agna 9 «••f• G 10 Thorn 099909 H 3 Marlenburg 999999 H 2 Posen 999999 G 4 Parsberg 990 D 8 Barth 900900 E 2 Sagan 900909 F 5 Heydekrug 9 m 9900 i l Oberwcscl a « a aaa B 7 W estertim ke •a••••C 3 Camp CIVILIAN INTERNMENT CAMPS Location Map Square Bad Neuenahr llag Llebenau VII H ...VII Z ...VIII H... Vlll/Z Blberach W urzach •••a• a eea Bad Neuenahr Llebenau ... Laufen Tlttmoning Tost Kreuzberg Biberach ...W urzach A...*••• 6 C 9 E 9 E 9 H 6 H 6 C 9 C 9 HOSPITALS Hospital Camp to which attached Neukoellen • aa III D... Blesdorf ...009 D...Ill Gnaschwitz 999 IVA... Elsterhorst 9»0 IVA... Koenlgswartha 009 IVA... Kocr.igstcln Elbe IVA... Schmorkau 000 IVA... Billn 990 IV C... Hohensteln 400 IV F... Rottenmcunster 090 VB... Fichtenhaln •09 V IJ ... Meunsterelfel 0 ••VI G... Freiilng ...•90 VII A... Coscl 909 VIII B... Klostcr Halna 900 IX A/H Dieburg ...••a IX B... Egendorf ...900 IX C... Stadtroda... 990 IX C... Obermassfeld 000 IX C... Hlldburghauien 090 IX C...W asungen II# IX C... Schleiz a a a IX C... Sandbotte! a •aX B... Magdeburg aaa X IA... Ebelsbach... eee XIII C II A Vienna aaa XVII A Graz III B... 009 XVIII A Graz IV...a• a XVIII A Spittal 999 XVIII A XVII A / Z Spittal/Drau XVIII A Schlldberg 000 X X I A Map Square 664465566 B 8 A 5 A 6 D 8 H 6 C 5 B 7 D 6 D 6 D 6 C 6 C 6 D 6 C 3 D 5 C 7 G 9 G 10 G 10 G 9 E 10 H SNot* :The public arc reminded that when communicating o r sending parcels to Prisoner* of War, Lhe geographical location must not be added.
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