Memorial Register, Netherlands 263, War Dead of The British Commonwealth 1939-1945

WREN Rfn. william john K/4188. The Regina Rifle Regt. R.C.I.C. 16th February 1945. Son of Thomas and Minnie Wren o f Parry Sound, Ontario. XI. C. 9. WRIGHT Cpl. EARLE FREDERICK C /103459. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles R.C.I.C. 29th March 1945. Age 25. Son of Christopher Charles and MaryAnn Wright husband of Maria L. Wright o f Hull Province o f Quebec. XX. A. 14. WRIGHT Tpr. harry e. F/95973. 2nd Armd. Regt. (Lord Strathconas Horse Royal Canadians), R.C.A.C. 17th April 1945. Age 28. Son of John Everett Wright and Florence May Wright o f Clementsport Annapolis Co. Nova Scotia. XIV. G. 4. WRIGHT L. Cpl. james Christie 2759135. 7th Bn. The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regt.). 24th March 1945. Age 25. Son o f Robert and Margaret Wright o f Perth Scotland. VI. B. 14. WRIGHT Pte. norman a. B/l 13573. The Royal Regiment o f Canada R.C.I.C. 3rd March 1945. Age 22. Son o f Archie Alvin Wright and Elizabeth Wright o f Oakville Ontario. VIII. C. 8. YACKLE Pte. john r. A/60085. The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry R.C.I.C. 2nd March 1945. Age 21. Son o f John and Helen Yackle, of Avonhurst Saskatchewan. XXIV. A. 11. YANCHUK Pte. george H/45550. The Lake Superior Regt. (Motor) R.C.I.C. 2nd March 1945. Son o f Mary Yanchuk o f Fort William, Ontario. XVII. C. 8. YAWNUK Tpr. michael B/l 18302. 6th Armd. Kegt. (1st Hussars) R.C.A.C. 26th February 1945. Age 19. Son o f Mike and Annie Yawnuk, of Toronto Ontario. XXIV. D .5. YEO Pte. george w . K/2736. The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders o f Canada (Princess Louises) R.C.I.C. 26th February 1945. Age 23. Son of Charles P. and Pearl Yeo o f Three Rivers, Province o f Quebec. XXV. D .13. YEOMAN Pte. Austin nichols G/4677. The Calgary Highlanders R.C.I.C. 24th December 1944. Age 21. Son o f Charles William and Susan Myrtle Yeoman o f Saint John New Brunswick. II. C. 4. YEREX L. Bdr. gillis wilfred B /l7370. 2 groesbeek Survey Regt. Royal Canadian Artillery. 20th Canadian December 1944. Age 26. Son o f Milton David war Franklin Yerex and Flora May Yerex o f New cemetery Toronto Ontario. SchoolTeacher. II. F. 2. nl. 263 YORK Pte. eric ronald 14700916. 5th B. The Wiltshire Regt. 8th March 1945. Age 19. Son o f Ernest Albert and Dorothy Kathleen York, o f Durrington Worthing Sussex England. VI.C. 9. YOUNES Pte. Charles Joseph F/36144. The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders o f Canada R.C.I.C. 30th March 1945. Age 33. Son o f Albert Charles and Susan Younes of Halifax Nova Scotia. XIX. D. 15. YOUNG Lt. everett edward CDN/667. Royal Canadian Infantry Corps attd. 7th Bn. Seaforth Highlanders. 22nd February 1945. Age 32. Son of Joseph and Etta Young husband o f Helen Vivian Young of Bridgetown Annapolis Co. Nova Scotia. XXV. E. 12. YOUNG Gdsmn. george m . L/105908. 22nd Armd. Regt. (The Canadian Grenadier Guards) R.C.A.C. 26th February 1945. Age 21. Son of George and Janet D .Young o f Regina Sas­katchewan. XXII. A. 11. YOUNG Pte. richard k . A/114030. The Calgary Highlanders R.C.LC. 2nd March 1945. IX. A. 3. YOUNG Cpl. robert colson F/66563. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles R.C.I.C. 29th March 1945. XX. A. 15. YOUNGMAN L. Cpl. Joseph Alfred 14764475. 1st Bn. The Leicestershire Regt. 15th April 1945. Age 18. Son o f Joseph and Harriet Young- oman f CustomHouse Essex England. VI.A. 16. ZAHARIK Cpl. jacob L/64394. 8th Recon­naissance Regt. (14th Canadian Hussars) R.C.A.C. 23rd January 1945. Age 30. Son o f Theodore and Bessie Zaharik o f Regina Sas­katchewan. XXV. E. 11. ZASTE Cpl. philias H/17822. Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal R.C.I.C. 3rd March 1945. VIII. A. 12. ZIMMERMAN Lt. bruce Frederick. The Highland Light Infantry of Canada R.C.I.C. 26th March 1945. Age 24. Son o fRay and Lillian Zimmerman husband ot Juliana Zimmer­man of Kitchener Ontario. XVII. G. 6.117
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