Memorial Register, Germany 7-8, War Graves of The British Commonwealth 1939-1945

TAYLOR Pte. thomas 10547499. R.A.O.C. 26th March 1946. Age 34. Son o f George and Henrietta Taylor o f Birkdale Southport Lan­cashire husband of Hilda Taylor o f Birkdale. 3. E. 7. THOMPSON Spr. john Arthur 14259706.295 Field Coy. Royal Engineers. 10th September 1945. Age 36. Son of Joseph and Jane E. Thom p­ son of Leicester husband o f Edith Ivy Thompson, of Leicester^ 2. B. 9. THOMPSON Spr. ralph 2157822.270 Army Field Coy. Royal Engineers. 26th September 1945. Age 25. Son of Ralph and Florence Thompson of Sheffield. 2. F. 10. TICKNER L.A.C. F r e derick 1289677. R.A.F. (V.R.). 17th June 1945. Age 35. Son of John Henry and Ellen Tickner husband o f Maud .Miriam Tickner o f Peckham London. 1. F. 7. TOBIN Pte. edward 5120753. l/5 th Bn. The Queens Royal Regt. (West Surrey). 28th April 1945. Age 34. Son of Patrick and Elizabeth Tobin, of Borris Co. Carlow Irish Republic. 1. B. 12. TOM LINSON Capt. george rah old 190363.112 (The West Somerset Yeomanry) Field Regt., Royal Artillery. 4th July 1945. Age 36. Son of John and Eliza Tomlinson of Heywood Lan­cashire husband of Norah Tomlinson of Hey­wood. 2. A. 2. TOWN Sjt. richard george 851788. Royal Artillery. 20th June 1945. Age 24. Son of GeorgeTown and of Maude Town o f Didcot Berkshire. 1. F. 11. TU TTLE Pte. john Joseph 10706948. Army Catering Corps attd. R.A.S.C. 26th February 1946. Age 42. Son of Frederick and Susan Tuttle of Norwich husband of Laura T uttle, of Norwich. 3. A. 6. UBSDELL Maj. edward thur low hope 64592. The Somerset Light Infantry. 10th November 1945. Age 31. Son o f Lt.-C ol. T.R. Ubsdell D.S.O. and Helen Ubsdell husband o f Rosalie Mary Ubsdell of Frimley Surrey. 3. F. 2. VIRGO L. Cpl. robert vic tor 6352662. The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regt. and No. 6 Commando. 11th April 1945. Age 23. Son of Robert Henry and Cecilia Virgo of Brighton, Sussex. 3. F. 3. WADE Pte. donald 5577272. 8th (Irish) Bn. The Kings Regt. (Liverpool). 13th June 1945. Age 22.1. F. 6. W AGGETT Lt. ross thomas edward 326612. c e l leThe Middlesex Regt. attd. The Cheshire Regt. war 29th April 1945. Age 21. Son of Reginald cemetery Carter Ross Waggett and Edith Mary W aggett ger .8. o f Finchley Middlesex. 1. C. 2. WARD L. Cpl. edward 2827951. 6th Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders. 3rd October 1945. Age 32. Son of Hugh and Jane Ward of Hamilton Lanark­ shire husband of Elizabeth Ward of Hamilton. 2. E. 11. WARSOP L . Bdr. ste wart 1608753.41 (5th Bn. The North Staffordshire Regt.) Searchlight Regt. Royal Artillery. 20th October 1945. Age 33. Son of Herbert Edward and Elizabeth Warsop, of Stoke-on-Trent husband of H etty Warsop of Sneyd Green Stoke-on-Trent. 3. D .1. WATKINS Pte. david john 4081321. 4th Bn. The Kings Shropshire Light Infantry. 16th April 1945. Age 23.1. A. 3. WEBSTER L. Bdr. F r e derick m .884143.76 Field Regt. Royal Artillery. 10th May 1946. Age 21. Son of William James Webster and Eliza­beth Webster of Billingham Co. Durham .3. A. 12. WEIR Sjt. daniel 408372. The Nottinghamshire Yeomanry R.A.C. 27th June 1945. Age 31.2. E. 1. WEIR Dvr. Horace per vic alT /14718757. R.A.S.C. 1st December 1945. Age 20. Son o f George Edward and Margaret Isabella Weir of Belford Northumberland. 3. A. 3.( W ERSTINE L.A.C. james edward R /168061. R.C.A.F. 16th August 1945.2. E. 6. WHITE L. Bdr. F r e derick Char les 1521249.2 Bty. 1 Searchlight Regt. Royal Artillery. 26th April 1945. Age 25. Son of Edward John and Laura Ann White of Eastling Kent. 1. B. 8. WILLIAMS Capt. kenneth 268586.127 Lt. A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery. 9th February 1946. Age 27. Son of Fred and Mary Eliza Williams husband of Muriel Helen Williams of Cheadle, Staffordshire. 3. B. 5. /WILLIAMS Flying Offr. (Pilot) ralph edward p a sc o e 189383. Croix de Guerre (France). R.A.F. (V.R.). 6th December 1945. Age 20. Son of Vernon Gibson Pascoe Williams and Marjorie Nichols Williams o f Cricklewood Middlesex. 3. B. 3.117
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