Memorial Register, Germany 2, The War Dead of The British Commonwealth and Empire 1939-1945, Rheinberg War Cemetery, Part I

rh e in berg GOODFELLOW Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) ernest WAR GILBERT 649870. R.A.F. 158 Sqdn. 27th April, cemetery 1943. Age 22. Grandson o f Mrs. C.A. Good- ger. 2 fellow o f Mevagissey Cornwall. 2. E. 22. GOODIER Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) Sidney 1673585. R.A.F. (V.R.). 625 Sqdn. 15th December 1944. Age 20. Son o f Thomas and Elsie Goodier, o f Garston Liverpool. Coll. grave 8. L. 1-5. GOODLEY Fit. Lieut. (Pilot) LESLIE grahame, 126584 D.F.C. R.A.F. 156 Sqdn. 9th March 1943. Age 22. Son o f Frederick and Lily Agnes Goodley o f Greenford Middlesex. 18. C. 5. GOODMAN Pilot Offr. (Pilot) edwin Arthur, 176436. R.A.F. (V.R.). 207 Sqdn. 22nd June 1944. Age 22. Son o f Richard Arthur and Florence Goodman o f Kenilworth Johannes­burg Transvaal South Africa. Coll. grave 11. A. 1-4. GOODMAN Gdsmn. philip coverdale, 2623369. 2nd Bn. Grenadier Guards. 10th April 1945. Age 34. Son o f Thomas and Greta Good­man husband o f Ivy D. Goodman o f Erdington, Birmingham. 12. H. 20. GOODWIN Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) colin william ,2216790. R.A.F. (V.R.). 619 Sqdn. 22nd June 1944. Age 21. Son o f Harry and Edith Goodwin, o fArley Warwickshire. 5. D. 8. GORDON Fit Sgt. colin ross 417069. R.A.A.F. 31st August 1943. Age 23. Son o f Alexander Ross Gordon and Hilda Gordon o f Millicent, South Australia. Sp. Mem. C'. 3. F. 10. GORDON Sgt. (Air Gnr.) douglas Baxter, 1349618. R.A.F. (V.R.). 460 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn. 30th May 1943. Age 22. Son o f Wilfrid Munro Gordon and Jessie Ann Logie Baxter Gordon o f ) Fochabers Morayshire. Coll. grave 9. C. 19-21. GORDON Sgt. (Air Gnr.) james Frederick, 1564384. R.A.F. (V.R.). 51 Sqdn. 3rd October 1943. Age 19. Son o f James C. Gordon and Eva M.A. Gordon o f Chryston Lanarkshire. 3. K. 10. GORDON Pilot Offr. john grieve 423711. R.A.A.F. 13th August 1944. Age 32. Son o f David and Winifred Hannah Gordon o f Concord, New South Wales Australia husband o f Eileen Grace Gordon. Coll. grave 8. E. 7-11. GOSDEN Sgt. (Air Bomber) douglas Charles, 1336609. R.A.F. (V.R.). 14th September 1942. Age 20. Son o f Charles Edwin and Emily Jane Gosden o f Hythe Kent. 17. H. 24. GOULD Pilot-Offr. (W. Op./Ait Gnr.) albert nor man J/95288. .CR A .F. 101 (R.A.F.) Sqdn. 4th November 1944. Age 21. Son o f Albert and Dorothy P. Gould o f Toronto Ontario, Canada. Coll. grave 17. D. 1-8. GOULD Fit. Sgt. robert 427116. R.AA.F. 27th January 1944. Age 32. Son o f William Robert and Grace Hilda Gould husband o f Ivy Francis Gould o f Geraldton Western Australia. 10. B. 4. GOULD Flying Offr. (Pilot) william Herbert, 41897. R.N.Z.A.F. 408 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn. 29th August 1942. Age 20. Son o f Herbert Leslie Gould and o f Ethel Marion Gould (nee Hirst), o f Auckland City New Zealand. Joint grave 8. J. 9-10. GOULDING Flying Oflfr. (Pilot) john 417047. R.N.Z.A.F. 77 (R.A.F.) Sqdn. 31st August 1943. Age 25. Son o f Lmgard Pitcher Goulding and Harriet Eliza Goulding o f Waharoa Auck­land New Zealand. 11. C. 25. GOULE Sqdn. Ldr. (Pilot) haydn william ,46342 D.F.C. R.A.F. 12 Sqdn. 27th January 1944. Age 26. Son o f Joseph and Gertrude Goule husband o f Alma Joyce Goule o f New­ bury Berkshire. Coll. grave 17. H. 9-13. GOWING Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) ronald 941531. R.A.F. (V.R.). 158 Sqdn. 3rd April 1943. Coll. grave 2. D. 20-24. GOW LETT Pte. Bernard edwin 14730043. 2nd Bn. The Kings Shropshire Light Infantry. 4th April 1945. Age 19. Son o f Frank and Gladys Gowlett o f Black Notley Essex. 12. K. 7. GOWLING Fit. Sgt. (Air Gnr.) george robert, R/139047. R.C.A.F. 419 Sqdn. 24th May 1943.2. G. 18. Reprinted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Maidenhead 1978
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