Memorial Register, Netherlands, 265-266, War Dead of The British Commonwealth 1939-1945

Emden 'Z o utksrrp Den Heldei ’wolle [STERDAM iH arde rw ijk Deventer H olten Apeldoorm "Utrecht Am ersfoorj A rnhem l ott£r" Nijmegen' ¦Hertogenboid «U den > Veghel \ O verloon* \V e n ra ij o W A L C H E R E N / W e s tk a p e lte ^ Middelburg* Flushing^ Breskens ¦HAMBOI * Mierlo [Eindhoven V alkensw ayd 'S O U TH / - 1EVELAND Knocke-sur-Mer Turnhout, D U SS E I erneuzen Ostende. • Adegei 'ANTWE Lierre ,eopoldsburg .G hent C O L O G N E ' lenkirchen H iis e lt Uv re' oEsquelm es / r ^ r n tf T i G au rain -R am ec ro ix § // \ ' \ B ruyelle HOLLAND AND BELGIUM 100 Km -\s — ^e r s c h e S/7 //vui a m e l ^ , C ^ rm o n p ik ^ D^ ERSCHELLING W estterschelling VLIELAND / Leeu w irden„ H arlm gcnt R ailw a ys ............. Roads ............................ C anals . ........ ....... In te rn a tio n a l bou n d a rie s )en Burg Bergen (an Zee)] THE HA GUI Hook of Holland NORTH BEVEIAN ATH V ^ c v ^ v , — LA N D - , 1 / 3- Oostduinkerke^irrNi^upor La Panne C o y y d e 5 I • W eu m e n d in k e rk e iTVpres Menu W ytschaete „ 0 o s l t a v e r n e . W o o c ! BRUSSELS^ taxivajn H e v e r 1 [/Tf/Aachen J \y j f ^ — -— ^T lC h arlcro i ) i I I i ^ ^ s \ ; \ 7 H otton 3861 Indicated in bold type on this m ap are the sites of only the larger cem eteries in H olland and Belgium of the 1939-1945 War. Nearly 400 civil cem eteries and churchyards in Belgium and m ore than 500 in Holland contain small groups of burials from this w ar and alm ost 500 civil and m ilitary cem eteries th ro u g h o u t Belgium (notably those near Ypres) and 20 in H olland contain the dead.of the 1914-1918 War.
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The document titled Memorial Register, Netherlands, 265-266, War Dead of The British Commonwealth 1939-1945 is beneath this layer.

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