Memorial Register, France 1076, Part II, War Dead of the British Commonwealth 1939-1945

ST. MANVIEU WAR CEMETERY FR.1076 WOOLL Bdr. basil frank 14375352.59 (6th Bn. The Hampshire Regt.) Anti-Tank Regt., Royal Artillery. 10th July 1944. Age 32. Son of William Arthur and Lily Elsie Wooll husband of Constance Wooll of Mapperley Nottingham­ shire. X.E. 2. WOOLLARD Cpl. george henry 5509375. 147th (10th Bn. The Hampshire Regt.) Regt., R.A.C. 21st July 1944. Age 32. Sou of George Henry and Elizabeth Sarah Woollard of Bourne­mouth Hampshire husband of Winifred Phillis Jane Woollard of Boscombe Bournemouth. VI.E. 1. WOOLLEY L. Sjt. Arthur 320069. 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards R.A.C. 9th August, 1944. Age 25. F.IX. 20. WOOLLEY L. Bdr. rid is 4040092.181 Field Regt. Royal Artillery. 29th June 1944. Age 24. Son of Idris and Caroline Woolley of Sparkhill, Birmingham. VII. D. 6. WOOTTON W.O. II. (C.S.M.) wilfred ,4612292. 7th Bn. The Duke of Wellington’s. Regt. (West Riding). 25th June 1944. Age 30. Son of George and Mary Hariet Wootton husband of Nellie Wootton of New Bank Halifax York­shire. I. G. 2. WREN Spr. robert william 1890407.20 Field Coy. Royal Engineers. 16th July 1944. Age 25. VIII. H. 12. WRIGHT Tpr. albert victor 7942959. 3rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters), R.A.C. 28th June 1944. Age 33. Son of Frank and Ada Wright of Northampton husband of Beatrice Wright of Northampton. VI. F. 3. WRIGHT Cpl. george albert 6027721. 153rd (8th Bn. The Essex Regt.) Regt. R.A.C. 16th July 1944. Coll. grave IX. H. 8-12. WRIGHT Pte. Ronald 14414334. 8th Bn. The Middlesex Reg?. 11th July 1944. Age 19. Son of Thomas William and Cecelia Wright of Heathway Dagenham Essex. VI. F. 6. WRIGHT Pte. william 14607421. 7th Bn. Seaforth Highlanders. 29th June 1944. Age 19. Son of James and Mabel Wright of Glasgow. VI. D. 7. WYNN Lt. Leonard 240692. 11th Bn. The Durham Light Infantry. 29th June 1944. Age 21. Son of George and Elizabeth Wynn of Bishop Auckland Co. Durham. V. C. 4. WYNNE Tpr. Arthur william 4035283.53 Regt. Reconnaissance Corps R.A.C. 2nd August, 1944. Age 30. Son of James and Adelaide Wynne husband of Constance Nancy Gwehneth Wynne, of Carmarthen. IV. B. 9. YEATES Pte. Reginald 5734895. 5th Bn. The Dorsetshire Regt. 10th July 1944. Age 26. X.E. 18. YOUNG Pte. dennis emanuel 5733849. 5th Bn. The Dorsetshire Regt. 10th July 1944. Age 21. Son of Henry James Young and Jane Maria Young of Hall Green Birmingham. X. J. 7. YOUNG Pte. Joseph tho mas 14424669. 1st Bn. The Tyneside Scottish The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regt.). 1st July 1944. Age 18. Son of Wilfred and Doris Young of Grimsby, Lincolnshire. V. J. 5. YOUNG Capt. p h i lip rem v y n 73901. The Hallamshire Bn. The York and Lancaster Regt. 28th June 1944. Age 24. Son of John Joseph Baldwin Young and Margarita Young of Ecking- ton Yorkshire. I. G. 13. YUILL Pte. HUGH 3253693. 2nd Bn. The Gordon Highlanders. 26th June 1944. Age 26. Husband of Isabella Yuill of Forth Lanarkshire. IX. J. 4.74 Reprinted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Maidenhead 1983
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