The Rifle Brigade Century

ONE dOLOR Y.D e a tho f keG .Nor cot t .—The death is announce of thi3 gallant officer which took place atS Leonard's-on-Seaon Saturday. After brilliant servic in the Crimea the deceased was it will bo remen bered appointed to the command of the Winchestc garrison residing Cross and in October 185 he formally overhanded the Russian gun in East gate-street to the Mayor (C. Wright Esq.) an citizens for keeping and in remembrance of tb glorious deeds of our heroic soldiers in the Crimes The following notice regarding the late Genera who during his abode here was respected by m ilitar men and citizens alike appeared in the Timers c Monday :—The survivors of the great war with Rtig«ia in 1851 are fast decreasing in number and one of the most di tingnifihed oflicers of the Crimean epoch has just to u *his own phrase “answered to the roll call for the lai parade. On Saturday last Leonard'a-on-Sea thoi passed away in perfect peace Sir^en. W. S.R. Norcot k .c.b .Colonel Commandant of the Rifle Brigade in h 82nd year. It is more than 31 years since hi nnmo firi appeared in despatches. It was an honourable inentic indeed for Lord Raglan in the despatch from the banl of the Alma in which he announced the victory of Sept. 2 >singled Norcott out for special praise but somehow <father the mode in which it .was expressed caused son amusement—at least to the gallant officer himself—w h< after 32 years service was abut simple major wand *not far from 50 years of forage hens remarked I sha not have much time left to justify hi3 lordship's goc opinion of my future. In describing the attack of Co rington's Brigade on the epaulement and intrenched ba tery of guns miscalled a redoubt Lord Raglan wrote tin tho capture of the work was “materially aided I the advance of four companies of the Rifle Brigade und< Major Norcott who promises to bo a distinguished otlie* of light troops.° Conspicuous on his black charger: advauce of the whole army loading his beloved“ gree soldiers in a thin line of skirmishers and driving tl JJussians out of the vineyards and across the river. No cott never paused till he entered tho battery on his hors which with four wounds struggled on with his master t the fight was over and then laid down and died._ Fro that time Norcott was a man of mark though he nev was destined to lead light troops again in lino of batfl but the mannor in which he ”“carried on ashe called on a sort of signboard in front of his tent at Cathcart’ hill il tho buHiness of the old 95th with punctuality ai despatch9 9 in the trenches and out of them toadded h reputation as an officer of the coolest courage and tl greatest readiness and resource. His men would go an where and do anything with or for him. Of handson face and figure frank and engaging manner? a deal Irish humour and unquenchable good spirits Norcott w a favourite all round and tho wintry day he was oarrii down from camp to Balaclava as it was thought to di there was an additional gloom in the tents of tho muc tried and suffering 4th Division. fie was promote Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel and Colonel for the Aim December 1854 and Colonel on Jnne20 1855 and f c came Major General 13 years later but all his war servi 'began and ended in the Crimea. As Governor of Jers« he gave proofs of the good temper and judgment w hi< were united with firmness and kindness and his departn from the island on completion of his full term of servi was universally regretted although he was obliged adopt Bome stringent measures in consequence of bol refugee troubles:- He a lavA widow and several childre one of whom Major Noroott of the Riflo Brigade, aide de-camp to Major-Gon. Martin Dillon a t Luekno According to the Army List William Sherbrooke Rama Norcott entered the Army as second lieutenant in 18S und became successively lieutenant in 1825 captain 1840 major in 1847 lieutenant-colonel in 1854 a: colonel the year after. He received the rank of maj< general in 1868 lieutenant-general in 1877 and gene] in 1879. Just befsro his final promotion to the rank general he was gazetted Colonel of the 1st Batt. Not Lancashire Regiment shortly afterwards was placed the retired list and in the autumn of last year hew made Colonel Commandant of the Rifle Brigade. He made c 1855 and k.c 1877. He was also< corated with the Legion of Honour 4th Class and t Medjidie 3rd Class. SIR H. WILSONS APPOINTMEN! 7 e#U f -------The London Gazette states that Field-Mari Sir H. H. Wilson Bt (i.C.B. D.S.O. Colo] Royal Irish Rifles is appointed Colonel Cf mandant of the Rifle Brigade in successionj Major-Generai Sir L. V. Swaine K.d| C.M.G. retired pay resigned. 1 I Sir Henry WUaon. who has been Chief off Imperial General Staff since 1918 joined the 1 Brigade as a subaltern in 1884 having been origin? gazetted a fortnight earlier to the Roval Irish Rif H e is 56 years of age. Sir Leopold Swaine when] succeeds was the senior of the Rifle Brigade's 1 Colonels Commandant and will be 80 next moj The Army Council recently decided th a tin futurd officer appointed to be Colonel Commandant or Com of a regiment bhould vacate the appointment afl acre of 70. «jl S iu A u c iiu ale Robert Palmer fourth baronet of Wan 1 Leiccstershire.died in-hall early on Thursday momrng after an illness overextending two years lie was in his G8th year. Sir Archdalo Palmer was deputy-chairman of tho Leicestershire Quarter Sessions^ and held many other public positions- Jda took a keen intorest in Mricultnrft and was an ardent sportsman having at onetime been president of the Leicestershire County Cricket Club At onetime he was a lieutenant in tho RiCe Brigade. He succeeded his father in 1868 and in 1873 married Lady Augusta Amelia Shirley only surviving daughter of the ninth Earl Ferrers The late baronets brother Mr. George Hudson Palmer who was inborn 1841 succeeds to the title. He is a barrister_______ - _____ _ _ OBITUARY RENE A C.L T.E .MET CALF E C.B¦ p -ork v aga rut —«PM AJ.-GEN. ALEXANDER KTNLOCTT/ IT Major-General A lexanderA ogus Airlie Kinloch. w . i j <17 lvjgio. Ivi tnuip. ri h bo has dlt U a l Br“ -Bray Berks w d M ears was born a t Sidmouth. tbe eldest son of theW e Colonel J °hu Grant Kinlocb. of Logie and Rjlne and Agnes daughter ofF. Garden Campbell n«Ail f .1..4 A I . T"%_____________t ._____________________ 111 H e was educated a t the Royal Military Academv Woolwich and entered tbe Klfle Brigade in 1855 exchangit)K into the Kirnr's fkwnl mn„ rv__ _ J -~------exchanging into the Kings Royal liifle Corps in 871. B e was D.A.A.G. for Musketry in India froml 1870-77 D.A.Q.M.G. throughout the Afghan War,I and later in India being mentioned in dispatches. JTo commanded the 2nd and 4th Battalions Kings Royal Rifles and afterwards three second clasa districts in India and the 1st Brigade of the Chitral Relief Force receiving the medal and clasp lie retired under the age clause in 1895 with tho hon. rank of Major-General. He was decorated for service in the field Major-General Kinloch had I ritten on big game shooting in Northern India, e married in 1K67 Constance Emma Mary, lighter of the late Frederick Beckford Long and id five sons and one daughter ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^OBITUARY. -----------------------/in- LIEUTENANT-GENERAL SIR JOHN CAR GLYN. The death took place yesterday a t Northleigl W imbome of Lieutenant-General Sir John Plumpti Carr Giya K.C.B. Col.-Command ant Hide Brigad Sir John was the second son of the late Rev. C.. Giya and was inborn 18.17. After being cducatc privately he became an ensign in the Rifle Brigac in 18o4. and in the following year took part in tJ campaign of the Crimea being present a t the siei and fail of Sebastopol. In 1874 he embarked for tl Gold Coast with the 2nd Battalion and servi throughout the second phase of the Ashanti Wi including tho battle of Amoaful and capture Coomassie receiving for his services the brevet lieutenant-colonel. He subsequently commanded t 2nd Battalion for fivo years and for a short time t 22nd Regimental District. From 1880 to 1889 was A.A.G. a t Gibraltar and after a year in comma of an infantry brigade a t Aldershot was given t command of the Eastern District He retired 1901 and seven years later was appointed a coloi commandant of the Rifle Brigade. In 1895 received a distinguished service reward. lie married in 1866 Ellen daughter of Mr. J. Dewar of WinkfieJd Berks. I twas as recently last year that he was nominated a K.C.B. The funeral takes place a t Stanbridge W imbon to-morrow at 2.30.
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