The Illustrated War News, Part 93, May 17th 1916

2—THE ILLUSTRATED WAR NEWS MAY 171916.— Part 93J A NOVELIST-SOLDIER AT SALONIKA :MR. ALBERT KINROSS WHO EDITS “THE BALKAN NEWS.” One of the many literary men at the front is Mr. Albert Kinross the author of many novels among which are "The Way Back" and ¦'Joan of Garioch.” He is with his regiment at Salonika and in the intervals of military duty fills the editorial chair of "The "Balkan News a paper greatly appreciated among his coinradcs.— Photo by A I fieri. T— THE GREAT WAR. THE news of the week has been singularly meagre. There has been abut small amount of infighting the various spheres and that— as in the West about Verdun— mainly of an accepted rather than a significant nature. The Irish episode has changed from a military to a more lessor political affair there have been very few minor encounters, and on the whole activity seems to have been fined down to a minimum. The Irish Rebellion has to all intents been stamped out completely, and the main aim of the Government is to secure the complete tranquillity of the country now and in the future. In practical effect the singularly futile and unlovely revolt lias cost some 1300 casualties to both soldiers and civilians and of this number 300 represent the total killed. In material loss property to the extent of several million pounds has suffered damage— to say nothing of attendant suffering privation and the like. Dublin is chiefly responsible for these figures the details of the rising and the cost of it in outlying districts still being lacking The rebels lost a number of killed several thousands captured— of whom many have been transported to this country— and thirteen or fourteen of the leaders have been executed while many have been sent to prison for various terms. The political aspect of the matter has arisen over the shooting of the leaders. There are some who con­sider that the continuance of the executions shows harshness and may in it­self prove a danger in alienating sympathy al­ready 011 the side of the Government. Of those of this opinion it might be said that they are inclined to admit the justice of the death sentence passed upon the leaders who signed tlie rebel manifesto— all of these signatories having now been shot including the two (James Connolly .the ”“Commandant -Gen­eral one of them) under sentence though at onetime in hospital wounded— but are more inclined to be anxious as the list of execu­tions shows signs of spread­ing beyond the seven. The shooting of Mr. Sheehv Skeffington apparently an unarmed and unimplicated civilian has brought these protests to ahead and Mr. Asquith after a conditional promise that the executions had ceased left for Dublin himself to inquire into the circumstances, though not to interfere with the military command. Following close on his visit the stringency of Martial Law has been abated and there are hints that some plan of provisional administration on which all parties combine will be tried in order to bring the situation to a happier condition. On the whole it will be best when considering the question of these executions not to uptake the attitude of the partisan. As Mr. Asquith outpointed the revolt itself was responsible for a sad loss of life both among the soldiers and civilians. To prevent further loss of such lives— Continued overleaf. PLAYING A MOUTH-ORGAN AND A GUITAR AT THE SAME TIME :AT A GERMAN CAMP-CONCERT.
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