The Illustrated War News, Part 93, May 17th 1916

THE ILLUSTRATED WAR NEWS. MAY 17.1016.— P a rt 931— HAN URGENT APPEAL FOR A WORTHY OBJECT. British Prisoners of War Food and Clothing Fund is an organisation of voluntary workers sending weekly parcels bread and clothing to over 300 Prisoners. The importance of the Funds work is emphasised by the Report of the Government Committee on the treatment of British Prisoners of War in Germany from which the following extract is taken :—“from that time \_M ay when the parcels began to arrive they mainly subsisted on parcels sent them from home the Committee are satisfied that the German food previously supplied was apart from its bad quality, quite insufficient to maintain vitality or enable an ordinary man to resist disease." The following extracts from letters (or postcards) from recipients speak for themselves :—“/sincerely thank you for your ex­treme kindness for the excellent parcel I received. It was not damaged and /thoroughly enjoyed the contents. 1 really do not know how we should get ion fit were not for the kindness o f those at home."S erg t.-------------“It is with great pleasure and many thanks that I have received your p ircets. ft is very satisfactory to know there are people at home so willing to make our lot easier to bear and you can g'uess hcnv these parcels of provisions are appreciated for without them well —least said soonest mended." (Civilian Prisoner.) WE EARNESTLY APPEAL FOR HELP to enable us to continue the parcels which are not only necessary but are so much appreciated. To avoid overlapping the names are first submitted to the Regimental Committees and the Prisoners of War Help (Sub)Committee. D O NAT ION Sand regular subscriptions will be gratefully received bv Miss C. KNOW LES lion .Treasurer and Secretary. 17 KEN SING TONG O R h S .W .Those interested are invited to call at the Office 22 TREVOR S Q U .WARES .(where all inquiries should be addressed) anil seethe work in progress. S U Jl ^ 5 T 5 t S T J 515T S im5l515151S T 5\g i.5~ t 5 l5T a 5'L 5 T S 15T S L 51H n l SlS 1 S 1 ISIS S1S 1 c n T 1 ISmS iSIS I sfeT JEWIU.LF.RS -------SILVERSMITHS TO H.M.THE KING Canadian Artillery Badge Brooch Gold and Enamel 15-ct. Gold Maple Leaf, 350 Royal Artillery Badge Brooch. Gold Enamel and Diamonds 5100 With Gold Wheel, 350 Military Badge Jewellery. "THE Military Badge Jewellery made by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company is of the highest quality. Each design is incorrect detail being modelled directly from the original, and the workmanship and finish are of the finest character. The Badge of any Regiment can be repro­duced in plain gold with enamel or set with Diamonds and other precious stones. ~/^='Of A Cutalufiue will be sent post free. (One Gold &Silversmiths smith s(C ^(Th 7\/T XT') A T ST^ V B'IT 'tilth w /itc /j is tr je c r p o n if c d Golds -mM j* vL^UJIvilU J L ILi 3 o ifci2^y/^/^f/ J/lthaneeZf^.S.Shfti.ycf-yons) Only One Address. No Branches. 112 Regent Street London W. South African Heavy Artillery Badge Brooch Tine Gold and Enamel 1176 QlgISlS~LS~LS~t-h mSLS I515isjgl515151S LSlb LS Lb LSLSISISISISIS15 1515151515151515151515151 HIS
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