The Illustrated War News, Part 91, May 3rd 1916

THE ILLUSTRATED WAR Read ‘THE SKETCH. “The Sketch” treats aside of the War upon which the other Illus­trated Weekly News­papers do not touch. Read ‘THE SKETCH. Every Wednesday. 6d. - 6d. PUBLISHING OFFICE: 172. STRAND. LONDON W.C. MAY 31916.— traP 91— jj 'WU n H I g i5 1515 1S T ^151^ S 15V 5l5T glS15l5X 5 51J5T 5l5T 5151515t5T ^ 515l5l5l?n ?lS 1 H lg 1 inS ISl 5 lS 1515 T S lS tiR JEW Iil.LHRS :SILVERSMITHS TO H.M .THE KING Canadian Artillery Badfc Brooch Gold and Enamel 15-ct. Gold Maple Leaf. 350 Royal Artillery Badge Brooch, Gold Enamel and Diamonds, 5100 With Gold Wheel, 350 Military Badge Jewellery. T“e Military Badge Jew ellery made by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company is of the highest quality. Each design is incorrect detail being modelled directly from the original, and the workmanship and finish are of the finest character. The Badge of any Regiment can be repro­duced in plain gold with enamel or set with Diamonds and other precious stones. O -4 Catalogue will be seut post free.(D ne Gold &Silversmiths smiths Comp any jL T ?Only One Address. No Branches. 112 Regent Street London W. South African Heavy Artillery Badge Brooch Fine Gold and Enamel 1176 glSlglSlglglSlglS-lSlSlSlS ISIS tB ISIS lb IBIS ISIS IS lJSlSTglSLS~lS151SI5lS15l515lSlglS15l51Sl5riSl5l
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