Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 26, No 10

HUT CHIN SONS PICT O RIAL HISTORY O F THE WAR Constitutional Sovereign of a free people and in this task I have been unceasingly helped by the Queen, whose deep and active sympathy for all my subjects in pain or peril and whose firm resolve for victoiy have comforted me in the darkest hours o f the war. We mourn the loss o fall who have laid down their lives at home and abroad. The Queen and 1 would wish to offer our sympathy to those whom the war has stricken with the loss of their nearest and dearest. We ourselves have suffered the keenest grief at the loss on active service o f my brother the Duke o f Kent. I have felt deeply for my loyal subjects in the Channel Islands who have remained steadfast for so long under enemy occupation and it gives me joy to know that they arc once again free. Throughout our long struggle all of us in this island have been strengthened and cheered by the staunch and valiant support of the peoples o f the British Com­monwealth and Empire overseas. M y Dominions, India and my Colonies have all given generously of their manpower and material resources and all will continue to bear their share o f the exertions of the war against Japan. We rejoice to acknowledge and we shall never forget, the aid so freely and promptly given by the United States and the brotherhood o four armed forces serving together in various theatres under combined commands. The splendid victories of the Soviet Union and the courage o fall those other Allies who suffered and fought with us in our common struggle against aggression will ever be recorded in our hearts and in our history. The rebuilding of Europe will bring with it trials and difficulties which can be met and overcome if we continue to work together in faithfulness and mutual help as we have done during the war. The ravages which we ourselves have suffered during the war will call for an intense creative effort by all members o f the community to restore and improve the standard of living o f my people. The Grand Alliance o f the United Nations which has brought us victory can and must continue to ensure that the peace o f the world is not again outraged and destroyed. The purposes for which the United Nations have been linked in war do not end in victory. Mankind looks forward to a time when all nations under God’s good providence will be able to work together in mutual confidence for these exalted aims. This Palace o f Westminster in which we meet to-day bears the oscars f war and you have faced unmoved the ordeals and the losses o f these hard years. The Queen and I have been deeply touched by your con­gratulations and we thank you with all our hearts for the wise counsel and unfailing support which you have given to the Kingdom and Empire throughout tin war. WITH THEIR UNFAILING SYMPATHY Their Majesties with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Rose visited Edinburgh on 10th May and made a victory tour of the city. The King and Queen talking with wounded soldiers.
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